Psychedelic Nukes

So you could not win in the physical world. You worked out that the nukes would take you out as well so you had to move the battle into the realm of the body and the mind. Prozac ! Zyprexa! Psychedelic nukes for the age of the mind! Test them on human subjects and then sell them to the military for a nice little earner. They are identical to the military grade psychedelic weapons used in Iraq or Afghanistan to destroy your enemy AND make sure they can never fight you again. But you forgot something, in your atomised stupidity you made the same mistake that you made in the Cold War. You forgot that we are all connected and that using psychedelic weapons on the mind effects the GLOBAL MIND. It effects YOU. So now you are caught in your own acid trip HELL. Well, it’s all you deserve. I have little sympathy for you. Who can blame me ? But God is forgiving. God will judge his enemies and I cannot do it for him.


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