Wiki Wrath

What is, this the Wrath of Kaan ?


The Rath Foundation make some good points that Wikipedia would do well to address. The Rath Foundation has been drawing attention to the drug war for years, much like Narco News does in the América’s, but the article is a hatchet job that seems intended to get rid of Wikipedia. This has it’s origins in the reversal of some edits that the Rath Foundation has made on some pages. Does the Rath Foundation understand what this means or how WP works ? No. They throw their hands up squealing about censorship like the worst behaved internet brat you can imagine. WP presents facts. It does not present the truth. It is there to inform those who seek the truth, even to the extent that what is left out, or consistently edited out, can reveal interesting things. It’s all there in the WP history pages for those who care to look.

Yes, the connections they trace are worrying, but we live in the real world. Why doesn’t the Foundation fight for WP instead of trying to convince us that it’s some tool of tyranny ? Have they forgotten how the mainstream media behave ? WP is mostly free of the jingoistic agenda pushing of politicians and the media. Is this why Rath is so angry at his edits being reverted ? Not because WP is “corrupt” but because he has his own agenda to push and a political party to run in Germany. Well, WP did not play along and thank god. This does not make them some “enemy” of good people as Rath seems to think, but shows they have some sophisticated understanding of human behaviour, something that Rath, as much as he does good work, seems occasionally to lack.

Rath would do well to look at his own duplicity. What he says is good information and backed up by evidence, but anyone with half a brain cell is right to be suspicious when they find out that he has vitamin sales to gain out of promoting his agenda.

Anyhow we’ve seen this before. Rath quotes the oft used line

schoolchildren should avoid Wikipedia as it is not “authoritative or accurate” and in some cases “may be completely untrue

… actually, yes, good advice apart from the “avoid” part. WP is a strange beast and has obviously taken up residence in our world. I don’t think it is going to go away and people would do better by understanding it’s peculiarities and advantages rather than getting angy everytime someone reverts an edit or put’s in inaccurate information.


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