Goodbye Mr Winter

Dan Winter fans, read carefully …

Winter is not “under attack”.

Ask yourself. Why is the Meru Foundation a NON-PROFIT ? How much money do people like Winter make appearing at expensive conferences and charging the unwary and vunerable THROUGH THE NOSE for second hand information presented in a distorted form ?

Ask yourself, why is there an association with another KNOWN CONMAN here, Richard Hoagland ? A character who, again, appears at expensive (UFO) conferences presenting distorted information from second hand sources.

Wake-up ! Seek the reputable sources of the information that these con men present to you in an EVIL form intended to create cynicism and APATHY. Preying on the vulnerable, as I once was. SHAME ON THEM !

The human race deserves better than this. There are extraodinary discoveries on Mars. Religion and Spirituality is FREE for all rich and poor. You do not have to pay an expensive charge to gain access to it in “seminars”.


I had an excuse. I was vulnerable and could not see the TRUTH. What excuse does Dan Winter and his ilk have for scamming the innocent for PROFIT ? None.

Live Free.


One thought on “Goodbye Mr Winter

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