Psychic Bullies

Many people in society deny that “paranormal” phenomena exist. That’s OK, but what happens when people are lied to and manipulated to the extent that .. well I don’t think many readers are going to understand this but I’m going to say it anyway. I suspect minds have become disembodied from, shall we say “users” ? The drug use. The stress. The brutality that is always called something else, and even though we watch the XFiles all those “weird things” are always something else. Carlos Casteneda just “made up” all that “stuff” in his books, and well, I could go on.

If you believe the Psychiatric “profession” then “hearing voices” is a sign that you are ill – or is it ? Is it not a form of Psychic Bullying ? Where people are too cowardly to come out physically, even simply verbally attacking someone because it is not “politically correct”. Well, the human will is a strong one and these desires are going to come out somewhere – so why not use something that “does not exist” to attack someone. The perfect cover ?

I was asked once by one of these Psychiatrists many years ago “Do you hear voices” and, actually my first thought was “non of your bloody business what I hear!” .. but what I said first was this …

“I hear your voice.”

He looked visibly rattled at that and annoyed. I think he realised that it was literally impossible for him to check if I was telling the truth. But didn’t I hit on another truth ?

I am not a Psychic or Shamanistic expert by any means. I’ve read my Carlos Casteneda. I think I have some understanding of emotions and the mind through it’s more formal exploration using the research of Freud or Jung.

But does it not stand to reason that something that is real – the so called “paranormal” – might be used anyway by a frustrated and distressed population ? Why are we encouraged to blame “weird things” on the malfunctioning of our own minds ? Are we not actually under attack !?


2 thoughts on “Psychic Bullies

  1. yeah, a lot of the stuff that we see in supernatural/si-fi shows is actually true. but ’til you find out, it’s all just silly fiction, i know from myself. i always thought they were some form of cheap deus ex machina thing to save the plot where reason failed the job, lol. too bad most of the people that are involved in this kind of thing are cowards who won’t have a face-to-face with you but instead try to project their will on you and blot out your core through the use of devious means. if they they weren’t so enemical to all that you stand for, they wouldn’t be reluctant to get face-to-face with you. if they did not oppose your free will, again they would not try to manipulate you. but unfortunately it’s mostly these kinds of people that inhabit this realm and once you experience it, it feels so toxic. it feels alien. outside they’d say they believe in freedom but the only freedom they believe in is the freedom to play with others. it’s all smoke and mirrors. and you can’t really protect yourself from them because you don’t know who they are. they hide their true faces. it’s like walking through fog. really really thick fog.

  2. I stand by the basis of what I have written here, but since 2010 a lot has changed. There may be evidence for psychic phenomena (Sheldrake, Radin et al) but abusers tend to be frauds and suggest they are doing things like something “psychic” when actually they are not, or of they are its actually a very weak form of control. Now Castanada. He turned out to be a fraud. There have been strange disappearances and deaths of his followers ( ). They show the classic signs of cult behaviour; cutting of contact with friends and family and so on. The very reason I was attracted to these kind of characters shows, sadly, that I was exposed to cult and pseudo-religious belief systems as a child. Classically I actually made the best of that and have ended up with an interest in, not the occult, but various types of scientific research (Sheldrake, Radin). So “psychic bullies” could now read “cult bullies, with pseudo-religious belief systems”. We see the same kind of thing in Scientology, or the Taliban.

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