Zapatista: The Ultimate Revolutionary and the Battle for Your Mind

They’re right in the heart of things now. In the middle of that thing that cannot exist, that MUST not exist. The Global Mind. The thing that they are terrified of. Yes, them. Those bastards that divide us and tell us we are small and nothing. Why do you think they nip creativity in the bud and attack positivity and those who fight for their values and convictions ? Why ? Because it is all so fragile my friends. All it takes is one voice, ONE dissenting voice to stand up and say … NO. ENOUGH ! … Then the entire charade starts coming unglued. This is why they are terrified of you… YOU. They are terrified that you will stand up and say no. They are terrified that other people will think … why ? And then the powerlessness of power itself is revealed.

We are on the road to Realidad. We are on the road to reality.


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