The Nature of the Techno Trance

(“Techno trance”, the state we’re in as referred to by Al Giordano on Narco News)

Group think. No wonder there is no single enemy or individual to fight. The Techno Trance is based on twitches and neural pulses. Facial ticks and involuntary jerks of body language and speech. This is repeated in a million places creating a Meta Mind. A Super Ego. A consciousness with intelligent intent that works over the heads of all of us. But it has no body per se. That makes it weak and afraid because it can only exist if the bodies, us, allow it to control us. It is only there if a million people refuse to throw it out. One more person throws it out and it is manifestly weaker by one whole human being.

It is healing that can solve this situation. There is no “enemy” to fight. Whenever the enemy is identified it evaporates in a cloud of smoke. This is a field effect. A Quantum Resonance that disappears (or appears) when we look at it, only to appear somewhere else. It demands oblique strategies and counter think. Artistic counter intuitive non-action and music that follows no score.

Wake Up !


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