Evil is the New Good

(readers will have to bear with current out pourings)

So the smile is tagged onto the end of a Youtube video instructing hackers how to destroy your system …(“don’t try this :D”).

It is the same smile that accompanies personal attacks in forums. It is the smile on the American soldier as he comes to help your village … and then destroys it. It is the smile of president before he signs that executive order. It is the smile of the salesman before he sells your family into slavery. What a juncture in history. You’ve gone insane. Don’t worry I won’t be sending in any drugs or Psychiatrists. This is your problem. I could offer help but I get the feeling you would attack me for it as all psychotics do.

There are millions of us now. Sick of all this. Wanting to move on. As the world inexorably changes the nasty one’s clamp down harder. Raping, murdering and pillaging in the name of good in a desperate attempt to prove that some outmoded way is right and in doing so proving it is wrong.


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