Gnome-Ubuntu-Canonical-Microsoft Narcissistic Unholy Alliance

So pulseaudio traps the user into GUI only sound. In fact the entire Ubuntu-Canonical-Gnome-Microsoft unholy alliance is based on the psychology of the Narcissistic Abuser (1,2).

The give away is that the user feels that all system problems are HIS fault. The user has to run the rat maze of narcissistic developers playing “who is the best developer”. They are stuck in front of the mirror asking “who is the best developer of them all ?”.

So my advice would be “don’t go into Ubuntu land!”. Once in there .. yes you can “just install something else” as the mantra goes if anything is complained about. But that is not easy once you are trapped in there. Alsa has to be setup for console only sound or for other WM’s. There – another give away. Ubuntu appears to be above criticism with it hiding behind the “Ubuntu” moniker like Google do with their “Do no evil” or Microsoft with “where do you want to go today?“. They are lies. These are multi million dollar businesses that excel by using all the advertising models and approaches they can lay their hands on. No Microsoft will not take over Linux – that is what the Canonical-Gnome-Microsoft alliance is – Linux is too viral (to use another marketing phrase), too much like the Starfish in the the Spider and the Starfish (yes, yet another marketing book I’m afraid).

But regardless of the paradigm shifts going on – one of them started by the invention of Linux in the first place, and all the rhetoric that includes, what seems clear is a simple “User Beware” message. Users arise !

Continuation: After some thought I’ve discovered another crucial design flaw that leaves users floundering. Applications are not started from a terminal in X so if something goes wrong then users are left floundering without any indication that the problem is NOT to do with them. Error messages in consoles also gives quick access to error’s for bug reporting or looking up the issues on the net. This means one does not have to go rooting around in log files. This design decision appears to stem from a prejudice towards the CLI and the assumption that users find it “difficult”, This is just plain wrong and bad thinking. It also carries over a Microsoft mentality that should not be in the Linux world. X is simply an extension of the command line and should really be started as such (“startx”) so one is aware of the tried and tested design decisions that have made what we know as the X window system.

Dividing users from the command line does not liberate them, it traps them !

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