Forever Changes

There IS a solar system culture out there. It CAN be missed by simply being in the wrong state of mind. Like being unable to find your car keys, or being unable to see something in plain site, or being unable to see that ancient rivers on Mars show it to have once been green, and so on. Moving into a different consciousness brings these things into vision, just like the ability to see Auras that are always there, just like a rock is there. We are taught not to be afraid of rocks. But our culture sanctions the unawareness of Auras in a way that, if culture one day allowed them to be observed, EVERYONE would be able to see them just like they can see rocks.
This is where the danger lies. Someone really can’t see what you can see in certain circumstances, so it SEEMS like that person is “hallucinating” just because the other person cannot SEE what their friend is seeing. It IS there (most of the time, some things are imagined remember) but is precluded (occluded?) by a consciousness that is taught from birth to totally unify with a particular world view. In effect that world view BECOMES the reality of that person. It appears to be outside and it appears to BE the world. So when the INTERNAL world view begins to break down (usually through the observation of anomalies) it can be like one’s world is “coming apart” .. not internally, but EXTERNALLY. This can lead to a great amount of fear IF there are not others out there to reassure the individual going through this, and to reassure that it is an INTERNAL process, and that the world and their loved one’s is STILL THERE and has not dissolved. The only thing “dissolving” is the old world view of the individual going through changes.


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