Covering up the Universe

Aliens, Telepathy, Anomalies on Mars, Ancient technologically advanced civilisations, the Electric Universe, Cryptid species on Earth as intelligent as Humans; the spooks were becoming nervous. It was time for the final plan.

Later on, in an oak tabled office, some executives settle into their seats with cups of coffee and notepads.

Gentlemen! We are gathered here today to discuss another challenge that the CIA has been given. I think you’ll agree that it is an interesting assignment. Our brief ? …

To cover up the existence of the Universe to the general population !

There is a cautious silence.

Later that evening, Leonov, an anxious American-Russian researcher employed by the CIA, phones his Russian counterpart.

Russian: “Ahhhh. Listen, Leonov ! These people in high places with too much time and money on their hands. They get these big ideas and expect people like us to carry them out”.

Leonov: Anxious ranting.

Russian: “Yes, yes, I know they are threatening to kill you if you do not apply your discoveries !”.

Leonov: Worried retort.

Russian: “What do you do ? Accept the money ! Tell them you are sure you can complete the work !”.

Leonov: Nervous laughter and incredulous words.

Russian: “Yes, I know it is ridiculous ! Accept the money ! You can always use it to do some useful research, just don’t tell them what it is !”

Leonov: Relieved consideration.

Russian: “In a few years time they would have forgotten about their big plans, trust me Leonov !”.

Meanwhile, the Universe crackles on, unaware of these extraordinary developments. Yes, it was going to be another interesting year at the CIA.


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