With a little effort …


These people are organising to improve their situation in the face of forces that many people would rather ignore. As usual, simply the way of resisting the commercial and unaware forces – like the moronic, drunk teenagers on the beach – is to do something. Just anything that is positive and involves some organising and working with other people. This is where the cynicism and pessimism and paralysis can become evident, leading to a nasty viscous cycle that can lead to extremely serious consequences like suicides and very negative mindsets … not “mental health problems” but the results of being oppressed !

The very aggressive and amoral commercial forces complicate everything and make it seem like you have to expensive lawyers or international media coverage to resist them. But at the end of the day when the coercions, the anger, the contempt and double binds have been removed the answer is always vastly simple. Just do something however small.

I think everyone is like this. We all harbour this secret desire to improve the situation but it got lost in our feelings of not being good or clever enough. We think that it will never work, or it will make no difference. But once we look, the evidence is out there in a million places. Doing something does make it work. What one day seemed impossible is possible the next day. Try it and see.


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