Ramananda and the Golden Temple (Amritsar)

Ramananda was an Indian Sant (Saint) who pointed out the injustices in his society.

In Hinduism, a bhagat (from Sanskrit bhakta) or Sant is a holy person who leads humanity towards God and highlights injustices in the practices of the world.


He abhorred the caste system and taught the philosophy that any Gnostic would be proud of. God is found in your heart. All religions are allowed into the place of worship – as they are in Harmandir Sahib, the Golden Temple, which has four entrances, one on each side. Opening to the four directions to represent the openness of the temple to all creeds, beliefs, religions, colours and sexes.

Enlightenment or God is a pursuit open to all and can be accessed by anyone. Dogma is not necessary. For example a story is told of Ramananda where he went travelling but was rejected by his fellows when he returned because he had not been following the correct eating practices. This involved anyone else around having to wear special cotton and woollen clothes when you were eating. He left, and set up his own way.

Aleister Crowley spread the word about a similar belief system, Thelema. Transmitted through Egyptian sources it espouses the same spirit-for-all philosophy and truth.

The Hindu term Atman has similarities to the Egyptian term Atum. Notice the root origin if the word Sant and Saint. Pagan Christianity has long been rumoured to have close connections to the East and India. There have been a number of works written on this subject. In fact Jesus has some uncanny similarities to Ramananda if you read his history. He helps the poor, the outcast and marginalised women. He tells of a world where Gods house is open to all. He rails against dogmatic closed Religions frozen in a meaningless ritual of Elites and Dogma that shut out all but a few from what is the birthright of us all.

These characters – followers of the Gnosis – visited Southern France as well as Cornwall and other Celtic areas. Part of the wonderful Diaspora that has erupted across Europe and the entire Eurasian continent to this day.

The damaging caste system that Ramananda pointed out in India also exists in another country. A country that has close connections with India. Even though that country dominated India for many years there has always been an intertwining of fates going on – maybe more so than in other parts of what used to be the British Empire.

Yes, Britain. One would not think of this country as having a “caste system” would you ? But it does. Some might call it Class War, or the Working Class, Middle Class and Upper Class. But that is a maybe a little too simplistic.

Where it really seems to bite is with the taboo of showing emotional distress or crisis – yes, that famous British stiff upper lip. Nothing wrong with customs to do with emotions, but where this British Caste System really bites, terrible injustices carry on almost unrecognised – really only due to pure ignorance about these issues.

There is an inbuilt fear of these untouchables taught to us from an early age. The structure of these taboos is based on forms of Dogma and the obsessive focussing on certain texts that claim to “explain” the life and habits of these untouchables. For an example see here ( perma link ). As in India, many of them accept their lot and find a kind of happiness – as long as they stay out of the way of the rest of us, and for goodness sake don’t mention what I am writing here !

As in parts of India, only the Elite are allowed access to God and the Spirit and all the trimmings. This is where our habits take a peculiar form. In the East all the trimmings are outwardly accepted as Religious privilege. Here we don’t speak in those outwardly Religious and Spiritual tones, the treatment of these untouchables takes more obscure and hidden forms. But whose to say that the Indian forms are not hidden to them ?

Anyhow, as you might have guessed, the untouchables I speak of are those who are deemed to have “emotional problems” … yes … so called Mental Health Patients.

I challenge anyone at this juncture to think clearly beyond this point, as I am having trouble with my clarity now ! I appear to have stumbled upon a powerful British taboo and Caste System – that has been (possibly?) hidden. I will continue studying the story of Ramananda and his compatriots and other Gnostics from history for further guidance on this issue.

Harmandir Sahib


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