Western Ideological Neurosis

I was reading about Oliver Stone in The Guardian. Once I’d filtered out all the trance inducing trigger phrases this was quite a good article. Stone looks so happy in his photo ! Not just a smiley happy but a real, bigger than life, rich happiness that no doubt comes from his close association with Latin America. I’ve felt the same thing myself out there.

He has of course released South of the Border. He is now making a 10 part documentary about the Americas. And what a Gold Mine of history it is which is very sadly almost completely unknown to many people in The West. It is just simply not there for them. A huge gaping hole which should be full of tales of millions of people who dance around “the thing that cannot be fought” everyday. They out manoeuvre and win against 10 trillion dollars of military hardware. Against 10 Pentagons and corrupt Presidents, and intelligence and narco driven drug wars. Psychotic company employees. The lot. They dance around it all. But you won’t be hearing about this on the evening news. No. Only torrid stories of hate and horror on the evening news. Because to say that most of the Planet has been fighting and winning against “them” for decades would be giving the game away.

I went on to read this brilliant piece posted on Narco News, and it struck me. This inability to see what the rest of the world can see is Robert Anton Wilsons SHIT. S.H.I.T. – Societal Hypnotic Ideological Trance. Fundamentally we are all suffering from a Reich-Freud-Jungian Neurosis. An Ideological Neurosis. Essentially we are all mentally ill (small m, small i) and walking around with huge blind spots in our vision believing something does not exist just because we cannot see it. I felt this in 1994 when I crossed over the border at Tijuana into Mexico. I was crossing a reality barrier. Passing through a portal in time and space. Walking into another world. Walking onto the Earth out of a place driven more by a reality complex – the Neurosis – than geological, physical rules. In Mexico I felt really stupid. Why was everyone so friendly all of a sudden ? And real … REALLY REAL. I found I had peculiar westerner habits that I found embarrassing and inhibiting.

This Western Ideological Neurosis is powerful – at least when you’re actually in the West. It is socially aggressive. Hypnotic. It makes you forget … everything. It’s like some kind of Alzheimer’s Disease gnawing away at your mind. But if you escape to a place immune from it then you suddenly snap back.

What interests me is that it obscures an entire world of examples of fighting back against corrupt power and winning hands down. That story shows how corrupt power clamps down and abuses in it’s horrible way but it usually inadvertently creates freedom and the very thing it is trying to stamp out … LIGHT. I picture a film about some crazy Dictator who, every time he hatches some new diabolical plan, sees in it’s execution the nature of his plans freeing and opening more and more people. He sinks into despair and locks himself in his Mansion, slowly going mad.

Wait a moment. Hey, Oliver Stone … can you make that one ?


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