EFF: DMCA Victory !

July 26th, 2010, EFF Wins New Legal Protections for Video Artists, Cell Phone Jailbreakers, and Unlockers , Rulemaking Fixes Critical DMCA Wrongs

Yes, video re-mixers must be allowed to unlock DVD’s and use the content. Where are the Star Wars out takes in VJ sets ? OK, there have to be a few out there … I hope. There are definitely a lot of DJ’s remixing vinyl and CD’s. Vinyl does not have a lock on it ! Anyone can remix them under FAIR USE copyright laws that allow DJ’s to entertain us AND publicise various artists music which is good for the music, the artist, the record company AND the industry. Yet we have these inept malpracticing idiots that say something like …

“The industry is retracting. Look what all these pirates are doing to our industry!”

Retracting ? Thanks to you, you fuckers. You lock everything up and block the creative process. You block the flows inherent in an economic, creative and cultural system and then wonder why it doesn’t work. But then you go on to BLAME the people you call “Pirates” who are really everyday, average people just trying to live their lives.

You know I wonder about your introduction of the digital medium. Why were CD’s rammed down our throats ? It had nothing to do with the sound quality thats for sure. It was because YOU thought you could lock up the love in an endless DRM/DMCA nightmare.

The same with games. Why can’t creative people use content from video games without getting hounded to the ends of the Earth by these dick heads ? We could be seeing interesting “mash ups” of game content – like a DJ remix – that would do absolutely NO HARM to the industry and would in fact advertise the skills of game companies, game designers and all the other talents out there, not to mention advertising the original game product.

I can see my record collection from here. It is not surrounded by locks and chains.

This is really the same problem all over the place. Look at health. These people lock us out from our own bodies. They take down natural health providers in the same way that they do with “copyright infringer’s” (read: people LEGALLY exercising fair use laws) and they say something like …

“This Cancer epidemic is a huge problem”

Thanks to you, you fuckers ! You took away the free flow of natural and WORKING treatments and therefore broke a previously WORKING system. Not only that you blame it all on Cancer victims and their friends and families and have people running scared on this issue. Scared of Cancer … they should be scared of YOU.

This makes me wonder. Who are the real criminals here ? It looks like the world is catching on as well judging by this EFF victory. The result, no doubt, of a lot of people’s hard work.

So watch out. This is how it goes. This is the tactic they use … identify a market. Inject your patented toxic solution (DRM, SecuRom, Pharma poison) and watch as a huge problem is created. You can then say “we have a huge problem” and charge through the nose for services to “tackle the problem” provided by, of course, the people who CREATED the problem in the first place.

The Matrix – Neo – End Message

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