Busted ! LSD / Psych Drug as Nuclear Chemical Weapon

I’ll get to the subject of the title in due course, but first I have to clear something up. I have written about the Science of Dan Winter before.

Goodbye Mr Winter

World Peace Flame

Implosions not Explosions

It’s a very serious matter.

Sacred / Angelic Science , Geometry and the Electric universe

I entirely refute the first post listed. That came about as a result of the Psych Drugs I was forcibly given in 2003 and 2005. They have effects that can resurface over years. They can turn you against friends and knowledge that you know to be true. Years after I stopped taking them I was constantly high as a kite because of the damage they do to the body makes you end up being constantly bathed in adrenaline, serotonin and cortisol (the response of the body to stress). That leads to becoming overweight and diabetic, which I am but thankfully not as seriously as some people are who have had these drugs but who aren’t given the chance to understand the run away health problems that they cause. They are horrible !

Anyhow that’s the reason that this blog may have drifted away from following the work of Dan Winter. He published a screen shot of my Implosions not Explosions post on his blog soon after I published it and then contacted him. I was in communication with him about the Psych Drugs which he simply cryptically mentioned that they are “very profound”.

You don’t say.

And so on to the title of this blog post. I’ll give a general outline of what I have discovered. I’ll go into more detail and provide specific evidence as time goes on (you never know, someone may catch on and actually help me in my damaged health state ! Hint, hint).

As described as part of my work as the Director of the UK ICFDA, there is a close connection between the Atomic Science that created Nuclear Weapons and the original discovery of the effects of LSD. In fact – and here is the clincher – the LSD chemistry that is directly related to the development of Psych Drugs, splits the mind as Nuclear Weapons split the atom. In the splitting of the atom an enormous amount of energy of all sorts of types (radiation, electromagnetic) is released. In the Atomic Explosion created by a Psych Drug the MIND is split …. not into different personalities, or anything like that, but it splits and explodes the massively embedded and compressed field lines of consciousness – normally healthily arranged as described in the Science of Dan Winter. What this does is something almost as spectacular as a Nuclear explosion. This being not only all the Psychomimetic effects that we all know and love so well (see the work of the ICFDA) but also the gravity altering and what we would call “paranormal” (actually natural) effects of consciousness. This is creating dire effects at the level of personal relationships and the very waft and weft of society itself. Of course there is not a bright flash of Nuclear explosion or blast wave, but the results in this case are just as destructive. The Mind of the person who has taken LSD or any of the Psych Drugs has been split to the point that a special kind of madness and psychotic rage is unleashed. Where kindness and understanding would prevail anything that LSD or Psych Drug users touch is turned to poison. Spreading their madness and suicide through society like a Nuclear blast wave. Driven by the breaking of forces barely understood by most people. How many people have encountered the work of Dan Winter and the ancient philosophy that he draws on ?

I think I somehow instinctively know how to repair my field, along with the help of a lot of natural treatments taught to me by the ICFDA. This shows the power of natural treatments; almost literally putting the chemical genie back into the bottle. However we have people walking around telling everyone they are “well” on these drugs. I’ve seen the horrific effects of this. Meetings sabotaged. Relationships trashed. Society damaged. This is not “well”. It’s time we wake up from this nightmare and be honest. The world has not been it’self since the invention of Nuclear Weapons AND *LSD*. Maybe one cannot be understood without the other ? Even the phrase to describe the final destination of Nuclear War – MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) gives us the clue. As Nuclear Weapons spread fear and depression where ever they go, their terrible brother – LSD and all the drugs that came from it – spread MADNESS where ever they go. Destroying all we hold dear.

This must be stopped.


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