The Sound of the Suburbs

So here we go. If you understand the work of Viktor Schauberger and Dan Winter then you can understand how we use explosive technology where we should be using implosive tech. This is just endemic. Our houses are built wrong. We think in explosive ways (Ego inflation). Our money and economy is even explosive (growth and inflation).

I’m listening to a very weird machine droning away in my Suburb right now. It is not annoying because I have a problem with it. It is annoying because it is fundamentally shredded and diseased sound. This is because it’s coming from an explosive device – petrol engine, badly made electrical drive and so on. Our tech should be based on natures lessons – as Schauberger points out – because that is safe and sane. This is why propellers are so inefficient and noisy – one of the reasons that the Ocean is full of noise that causes Whales to beach themselves and all sorts of other effects. An implosive impeller would make less noise and be more efficient. It would not shred the water in fundamental chemical and physical ways either. Multiply the effect a million times, with millions of propellers replaced with impellers and you have a million less of all those little polluting drops of bad tech in the Ocean. So you have a healthier ocean. Good for the Ocean and good for us.

The same with other technologies. Mobile phones, wireless, radio, TV. They all use explosive tech. Basically thousands of volts of electricity exploding out into the world. It is not natural and once you understand the work of Schauberger and Winter you’ll know why it is not natural, and why their research is not a “theory” that is currently under debate, or “controversial” but one of the primary, pressing matters of our times. We can’t expect the oil barons to make these implosive, more efficient devices, because they would use much less fuel – if they use any fuel at all. The oil baron wants to sell more and more fuel. They don’t give a hoot about fuel efficiency. They just go on about “Peak Oil is just around the corner” as if they will turn off their multimillion dollar refineries one day when the oil (supposedly) runs out. But it’s just a sop really to shut the fools up. Of course new oil and gas discoveries are being made all the time. So much for Peak Oil being “just around the corner” … like that “research” looking for a cure for Cancer ? Which we already have by the way.

We have a solution for the problems on this planet that 500 years of dominator and industrialised Borg culture has left us with. But we have to fight to apply this Implosive solution ourselves. We can use Open Source hardware to develop these technologies, and spread the knowledge far and wide so it can NEVER be suppressed by the naysayers and bullies who just want to keep us trapped. Their is a way out, it’s about time we took it if we have any belief in ourselves and our children.

This is also why some physicians assumptions about behaviour is so fundamentally wrong. Aspergers is partly defined as a inability to put up with certain sounds that most people can screen out (or do they?). The same with the “-phrenia” labels. Those people can get highly annoyed by certain things that many people take for granted. This is because they are MORE natural than many people. They are not “diseased”, they are cured ! Cured of the ills of explosive consciouness. There are some issues here to do with conditions that mimic these “diseases” but that is due to toxic damage from environmental pollutants – pesticides, exhaust fumes, radiation.

We are driving ourselves nutz with the fundamentally bad frequencies (it’s not just the sound level) that come from machines, cars, factories and all the other endless devices that exist on this planet. If you consider this for a moment then we must be almost drowned out by a screeching cacophony of shredded frequencies. It not the sound level, it’s the type of frequencies that are produced (they should be implosive) that are so damaging. Damaging physically but also – we can’t think any more !

So next time the droning of some machine is ruining your focus, think again. Is it your “inability to put up with it” that is the problem, or is the problem due to the fundamentally bad frequencies it is producing ? You listen. You decide.


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