In the rich west where we are all living much longer thank you

This is one time too many for me to assume I’m imagining this.

I published this article on IndyMedia UK …

The Problem with “Human Rights Campaigners” or “Activists”

You can also see it here on my portal.

This may seem like a trivial case of an article simply not matching publishing guidelines – as you can see it was hidden – but I can find no specific reason for it actually breaching any guidelines. It was meant as a piece of heart felt analysis that I thought might help other people. It was actually based on some hard won insights and some rather painful lessons I learned while trying to publicise the nature of torture in the UK. Having just obtained The Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn this appears to be a case of “the rabbits not really knowing what is going on” as Solzhenitsyn might put it.

I could challenge the moderators on the Indymedia list. As you can see here at least one of them noted that my article had been hidden.

Hidden 457191
The Problem with “Human Rights Campaigners” or “Activists”
Non news – didnt make much sense…

Without sounding, I hope, too much like some stilted author – whoever likes being curtailed – something is not right here. I notice this in the publishing guidelines

Non-news: posts which are clearly purely comment, opinion or rants unrelated to a recent event or action etc.

To be fair to the moderators and Indymedia I suppose they are looking for analysis of relevant events and news items. I guess I can settle for that. But something is niggling away at me – not that stilted feeling, at least I don’t think it is.

It is this …

The phrase “didnt make much sense” in the moderation message, and the clincher, the comment on the item that must have been made before it was hidden …

17.08.2010 13:28

Don’t quite see what you’re objecting to…
In the rich West, we live longer and are healthier than ever before.
Consumer culture is trashing the planet, but is that specifically a healthcare issue?
Don’t think so…

And there is the culprit …

“In the rich West, we live longer and are healthier than ever before.”

Along with the “does not make much sense” phrase I’m beginning to pick up on a definite phenomenon here. I have posted analysis like my article elsewhere (some internet forums) and the response has been identical – “We live in the rich west. Everyone is living much longer and is very happy thank you”. A phrase that could not have been spoken better by a former citizen of the USSR.

These are propagandised people trying to defend their reality – but what are they doing on what proclaims itself as a radical alternative media site ? This reminds me of much of the story that Al Giordiano tells in his Narco News articles. This is why he moved out of New York into Mexico. Like his friend in California he was being hounded, bullied to the ends of the Earth for daring to even whisper that the “rich west where we are all living much longer thank you” is something that has things very wrong with it. Very, very wrong. 100,000 deaths in the so called health system a year wrong. People dying from entirely preventable diseases wrong. Dying in the “rich west where we are all living much longer thank you”.

His friend in California was not as lucky as Al. He spoke out about the CIA trading Cocaine into poor neighbourhoods … “exiled years ago for the crime of telling a powerful but uncomfortable truth” as Al puts it.

So I will continue posting my articles on Indymedia and elsewhere. In my experience these kind of events happen when the dread truth has fought it’s way out into the world. So maybe I can take it as a compliment.

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