The Curious Case of Dan Winter

I thought I would try to clear this case up as it is such a great shame that it would get in the way of what Winter has discovered. It confused me before ( Goodbye Mr Winter ). Embarrassing ? Not really. This a perfect example of how claustrophobic Western forces use clever propaganda, misinformation and confusion to block good things. To be fair the dirty deeds are often done by those caught up in that propaganda and who are in specific states of consciousness that can preclude understanding and creates what we know as evil behaviour.

I was thinking about this. Is this a Catch-22 I thought ? A Chicken and the Egg problem ? Do people run away from discoveries and truths because they have not understood them so they are unable to see what they are ? But I thought. No. This is like someone being thirsty. The lack of water does not stop them finding water. If the glass is there in front of them then they will pick it up and drink. What seems far more likely is a sort of guilt and embarrassment – much like the happiness that resulted for some individuals who were arrested by the NKVD in Russia as described by Solzhenitsyn. The application of spiritual truths to technology and health scares some people. They have been taught that God is a thing to be kept at a distance or even persecuted and rejected much like Dawkin’s does (although he makes a few good points about blind belief).

So maybe it is not that surprising that a graduate with honors at the Jesuit University of Detroit (I don’t think Winter is Jesuit just interested in Spiritual matters) would get into conflict with a devoutly Religious Orthodox Jewish Scientist. Religious conflicts are not uncommon but it’s sad that these two characters – Dan Winter and Stan Tenen – could not work together on an invention that I predict will transform our world for the better over the coming decades. It will give is an understanding of how Consciousness relates to health problems. As well as improved water treatment, architecture, new propellers and propulsion that will replace polluting jet engines, as well as many other technologies that can fundamentally work within nature and actually clean up our pollution – our mess – physical and spiritual. Anyhow, you’ll have to make the effort to understand yourself as I want to concentrate on what has been blocking this here in some quarters.

You can read about the argument between Winter and Tenen here. That PDF written as part of court proceedings actually explains a lot about who Winter actually is for those wondering where he came from. Here is the same information as HTML …  here. Here’s some more about Tenen and who he is.

It looks like they were both friends – both Electrical Engineers and researching the origin of languages. Through either confusion or Ego, or lack if humbleness, a confusion was set up. Tenen either by mistake or over sight failed to specify the details of exactly who Winter should distribute his (Tenen’s) research to. Winter, being a sharing soul, took this on good faith and assumed (rightly I think) that it was OK to distribute various materials. Maybe Winter could have admitted an error here anyway and Tenen might have backed down but for whatever reason this did not happen. But it is not my intention to assign blame here, only Winter and Tenen know what really happened.

Outside and around what was basically a falling out of two competitive friends by the sound of it, is something that deserves to be documented. Tenen went on to really try and destroy Winter. It sounds like he really thought that he had stolen his work even though Winter simply, and brilliantly furthered the research by using 3D algebra in spreadsheet calculations (he says this took him 2 man years) and 3D rendering software. Beyond the Religious and Spiritual connotations of the resulting “Fire Letters” is the existence of the entire point of the procedure that Winter carried out. He defined mathematically the relationships between geometry, language, information and what we call the elements, gravity and electricity. This is always what produces inventions and applications because this is why we have mathematical proofs, papers and learned soulds who can understand. This is how our civilisation stores and distributes discoveries. Winter is obviously not stupid and understands this simple mechanism. This work is urgently required in our our poor polluted society and it seems to be the lack of simple insight into what it is that keeps it locked up in the mystification of the “New age” and the entire attitude of Western culture towards this kind of work.

Could it be this; Winter’s codification of the invention that is the real problem here. So many people are not used to this unlocking of Gods potential in such a wildly positive form – for the individual and for the future of us all. I think it makes some people very uncomfortable to have what they had firmly in the “Woo woo” box coming straight back at them with actual marketable applications !

However that is not the only block at work here.

Remember the film The Name of the Rose starring Sean Connery ? This brilliantly shows the other problem here – Religious dogma and hypocrisy at work. Tenen is obviously devoutly Religious. Now, this has nothing to do with being Jewish – these kind of Religious problems rear their ugly heads all over the place if it be Christianity or Buddhism. The Jewish Priests regard themselves as the experts and only conduit to God – at least some of them do. I’m sure there are progressive Jewish Priests out there somewhere ! This is the same as the Vatican hiding various Religious and Scientific secrets – as depicted in The Name of the Rose, while persecuting some people for publicising those secrets – like the Gnostics or Cathars. You see … it’s Religious hypocrisy; persecute those with some kinds of knowledge while holding that knowledge in some back room for your own private edification. It’s a case of “only the priests can give you access to God”. This is not entirely wrong per se as this can work fine in the context or a well run organised Religion. However, a problem arises when important progress is blocked by persecuting people outside of that Religion (Winter is not a Jew).

In this case important progress is (or at least was) being blocked. Ironically a system setup to worship God locked him up in one of their back rooms. Maybe they take auspicious visiting priests around the back and poke God through the bars with a stick to wake him up ? There’s a few Rasta legends that come to mind about armies of Rasta warriors fighting to release God from his prison cell.

The film Pi was based partly on this Winter/Tenen battle. You can see Winter on one of the pages of the film’s website. His name links to … ha ha ! Yes, the very website taken down by court order and which holds a message making out Winter to be some kind of con man. You see … now we’ve come full circle.

This is clearly a clever disinformation campaign – by design or by cultural bias. Read the Wikipedia description of the Pi film and you will find a paranoid, horrible piece of work by the look of it (no I haven’t seen the film – I don’t want to !).

Why ?

Because Winter’s work and the entire ancient history that it is based upon is real and can save us from ourselves. Western civilisation currently has a big problem with this.


4 thoughts on “The Curious Case of Dan Winter

  1. Excellent review. Just what I neede to read. I was looking madly to contact Dan Winter over a comment he made on a radio show recently and I came across that website. I was amazed by its bias. It seemed unnecessary I thought. Just the facts would have been better. I was also amazed by the whole story itself. Your analogy of The Name of the Rose was very clever.

  2. Dj- are you still active on this blog? I just came across your article a few days ago when I stumbled across some akashic data…which of course others try to call there own. I really resonated with your commentary and reminded me of main stream popular narratives like Dune and Pullman ‘ s golden compass trilogies. Dan really exposed some interesting layers of reality that folks d think are only reserved for the privilege few or initiates.

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