The Politics of Happiness

“This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man.”

William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, (Act 1, Scene 3), Lord Polonius to Laertes.

The War on Drugs is the The Orion Wars. The Orion Syndicate are Galactic Drug Dealers who have been attacking me since I was six  – I was drugged ! It is me (and a few other million) who hold the knowledge that will ruin their drug empire on Earth; the keys to Bliss that once learnt mean you don’t need drugs anymore. No more drug sales; no more Orion Syndicate on Earth.

Star Trek: To Thine Own Self

by David Stern (release date: 3/30/10)

When the Orion syndicate holds the Enterprise’s doctor for ransom, Captain Pike must discover why the Orions no longer fear Starfleet in this new novel set in the classic Star Trek era.

A thorn in the side of civilized space travel for more than a hundred years, the Orion syndicate has gotten bolder. They are harassing more ships and daring to even tangle with smaller Starfleet vessels. When one of the leading members begs Captain Christopher Pike to let his doctor treat one of their own, Pike agrees. But it’s a trap, and the Orions take the doctor hostage. Captain Pike is left to wonder why, since the Orions know that Starfleet does not negotiate. Spock thinks perhaps they no longer fear the consequences, and if so, they must discover what has changed the Orions’ instinctual nature

I have always suspected an off planet origin of the chemistry of Psych drugs. There’s just something too manipulative and specific about them for them to be an accident. Neither, knowing a little of the history of Chemistry, do they fit into the recognised historical time line, even the currently rather bizarre one we live in at the moment. There’s the chemical pollution that can be purely linked to industrialisation … but where did that come from ? It’s that pollution that makes people feel bad – ruins the physics of Bliss – so they end up taking drugs; smoking, alcohol, coffee, cocaine, heroine, MDMA.

Maybe difficult to believe for many people. Frankly I wouldn’t blame you, but for those that understand the nature of reality and of charge embedding such a possibility is certainly not outside the realms of possibility, in fact it even makes logical sense. As above, so below. You would expect a struggle on Earth right down to the microcosmic levels; personal struggle, the struggle of societies to free themselves. The struggle of the Zapatista’s and others smashing out of the eradicating, crushing force of psychopathic corruption. This is all going on in an alive Universe and it’s always something that has seemed strangely disconnected to me. Why just Earth ? Why is there not any help coming from outside of Earth ? I reject the New Age propaganda that we have to be “ready” or that people on Earth are learning some kind of “lesson”. That is likely to be Orion Syndicate propaganda intended to shut people up. No, the very extreme, almost phantasmagorical abuses happening on Earth are there because we live in a system fundamentally embedded and connected to the Universe. There is corruption coming from above: The Orion Syndicate.

Allowing Implosion Bliss to break out would stop sales of expensive cocaine product (and other drugs). Implosion Bliss is Leonardo DeCaprio bounding through Heroine heaven fields of Daffodils in The Basketball Diaries; WHY DO PEOPLE TAKE DRUGS ?

Because they feel shit all the time. Because they don’t know about charge implosion physics that PROVES, in our modern technological language, that we are not talking “woo woo” here or MYSTIFICATION. This is real, it works and is measurable, provable and reproducible. It is the birthright of the human race since time immemorial. Reich called it Orgasm (Bliss) … Winter calls it Implosion (Bliss). The politics of, especially modern industrialised happiness, bullies us into obsessively identifying happiness (Bliss) with a few seconds of sexual orgasm, or “perfect” Love with Mr Right or Mrs Right. Alcohol. Products. Commercialisation. The Advertising and Marketing men depend on you being unhappy. This is why they don’t advertise on TV for Reich or Winter.

Have you been watching too many Orion adverts ?

Reichian Body Armouring is fear and anxiety of Orgasm – of Bliss, of being truly happy; more than that – of being in a Bliss State that has measurable characteristics. That is real. What Reich called Body Armouring is the Emotional Plague. It makes Fascism. It makes people who are denied and separated from their natural Bliss state. There are “negative” emotions as well as part of that bliss state; that is part of life. But they do not dominate the individual if you are charge embedding. This is the politics of happiness. This is WHY there is so much pain and evil in the world. Because we are not in these natural bliss states. The product makers want to keep it that way because that’s what they play upon to sell so many products … drug product. We need to BREAKOUT … spread the knowledge of the Charge Implosion Bliss State to make a chain reaction. We can be Fatboy Slim F***ing in Heaven … but with ZERO drugs.

“The heart discovers a way to nest it’s harmonics in such a way as to create EMBEDDING. This creates the electrical RUSH (implosion) we call BLISS.”

A note to the sceptical. You might be thinking that this has something to do with sitting in Pyramids and meditating. Well, you would be partly correct. As with most things in life this implosion physics is not some form of wish fulfilment or magical thinking (in the orthodox usages of those words). The method has to work in tandem with the psychological and emotional development of the individual. You have to be eating the right foods and be in on the right path; being true to thyself. It is not a quick fix in a pill solution, if it were then we’d be right back to square one again.


So here lies a huge personal success for me. I am now the UK Director for the ICFDA that warns people of the dangers of Psych drugs. But there is a reason why people take those drugs; they make you feel good in exactly the same way other drugs do, and with all the health damage. There has never been something to replace the Psych drugs, up till now. CRUCIALLY the replacement is provable and testable and reproducible (a key requirement in Science).

“This web site is based on one simple yet entirely revolutionary, testable and TEACHABLE concept- that FRACTAL or non-destructive (golden ratio optimized / implosive) CHARGE COMPRESSION is the essential symmetry and CAUSE of all: 1. mass creation, 2. gravity, 3. biology, 4. healing, 5. self organization from chaos, 6. symbol making, 7. consciousness, and 8. all BLISS / PEAK EXPERIENCE / ENLIGHTENMENT.”

We can measure people IN the Bliss and other states rather than having to rely on subjective measurements. This is a HUGE breakthrough that promises to replace the hugely damaging use of chemical based treatments. It is a crucial argument in the context of the ICFDA because the obvious question is … what do we replace the treatments with ?

William Shakespeare‘s Hamlet, in which (Act 1, Scene 3) Lord Polonius tells Laertes

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