The End of the Nation State and the Beginning of Fractal Consciousness

This is the position we are in where Social Workers are worried about a 13 year old going on a round the world voyage. Where are those Social Workers for children bombed and destroyed in Iraq ? Or Afghanistan ?  Or for children drugged to death in “hospitals” (not very hos-pitable).

Look at the history of Iraq. Bush and friends were quite clever in befriending Blair because Britain has a long history of intervention in Iraq. The region is actually made up of various ethnic/indigenous groups and factions. The British came along and drew lines all over the map that divided them therefore creating the seeds of war. The same thing they did (and other countries) in Africa and other parts of the world.

Trace the history yourself. If you can’t find it yourself then you’re not ready to see it. This machine-like consciousness created the conditions for the Iran/Iraq war that killed millions. One of the most brutal and protracted conflicts on this planet. Do those people care ? No. Because they are soul-less exactly like the myths of the Dogon that describe the creation of the Jackal by the Nummo. A being that believes it is the only self that exists and which brings destruction and pain wherever it goes. This is machine consciousness. It is not sentient. It can only see itself.

It’s machinations are seen plastered all over your world map. The lines of the “nation state”. The nation is a fairly recent invention. Again look for yourself. I’m not going to spoon feed here. The “United Nations” is a stupid falsity based on the very thing that creates conflict and wars ! We must tear down these borders … at least in our own mind because that is where they started when DNA was altered by the Nummo – Orion Syndicate – Annunanki. See the work of Dan Winter.

Fractal Consciousness. The awareness that you are not just “one mind” alone in your skull. We are Fractal representations of the World. The world is fucked up because we are.


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