Stopping Psych Drugs with the New Physics: Authentic Love and Compassion

“3) Chod: A chant (literal translation: Cut) used when the monks meditate on emptiness, visualising the giving of ones body for the benefit of others. Chod in this case refers to the “cutting away” of one’s ego, abandoning the mistaken notion of an independently existent self, or ego, which gives rise to the three poisons of ignorance, hatred and pride – the causes of human suffering.”

Quoted from the liner notes for the track Chod on the CD Drepung Lubum World Peace Tour 2004, Sacred Tibetan Music by the Buddhist monks of Lubum Generating Love and Compassion for Planetary Healing.

So. The people who create the Psych drugs are actually trying to separate waves from the whole – a lot like separating leaves from a tree in order to “heal it”. Or the leaf saying … “I am separate, listen to me !”. What a ridiculous statement ! The leaf cannot exist apart from the rest of the tree, and yet this is what the creators of the Psych (and other) drugs do to waves (us, frequency, consciousness) using their drugs. They break apart the cycles and the infinite fractal wave structures that make up a body and a mind. We know this because the ICFDA exposed the sleep cycle and brain wave disrupting nature of Psych Drugs. Couple this with the work of Dan Winter and many other teachers, Scientists and researchers and we have the reason that tackling the Psych Drug problem has defied a successful solution up till now.

Look at the life of Annie Besant. How is it that she won proper conditions for match girls in three weeks from a large corrupt powerful group at the time, much like the Pharmaceutical / Oil Cartel today ?

“At the time, the matchstick industry was an immensely powerful lobby, since electric light was not yet widely available, and matches were essential for lighting candles, oil lamps, gas lights and so on. (Only a few years earlier in 1872, lobbyists from the match industry had persuaded the British government to change its planned tax policy.)”

Quoted from the Annie Besant Wikipedia page (permalink).

Yes, THREE WEEKS (this was in 1888) and yet the horrific Psych Drug situation had been going on for decades. DECADES. Lives ruined. Criminal acts unpunished. Why is this ? Why has it taken so long to solve this problem ? Inching forward year after year when other problems are solved daily, or in the case of the Annie Besant match girls … in 3 weeks.

Why ? Because the Psych Drugs attack consciousness in a number of ways. Many of them physiological (organ damage) as documented by the ICFDA. Others disrupt fundamental processes that have been understood for millennia but are only really just achieving acceptance in mainstream modern Science. This is where the work of Winter et el comes in because it explains WHY this problem has been going for decades by showing how the electricity and waves that work together to make consciousness and bliss (happy people) are disrupted. These drugs are so fundamentally dis-ensouling in ways that have kept this problem out of the limelight. In ways that keep some people “campaigning” for DECADES and achieving little because they FUNDAMENTALLY don’t make sense any more due to the fact that their consciousness, their soul, as been altered at the frequency level. It is no longer charge imploding, it is no longer fractally shareable as Dan Winter would say, so the people who have had these drugs NO LONGER MAKE SENSE TO ANYONE. This is a fundamental aim of those drugs: to discredit the individual, see The Search for the Manchurian Candidate, the CIA and Mind Control by John Marks and also Storming Heaven, LSD and the American Dream by Jay Stevens.

I urge anyone interested in solving this problem to go and read at … and soon as our society is becoming more and more plagued by the horrific acts of violence unleashed by the Psych Drugs. The Science there is not some New Age twaddle or “Woo woo” as the creators of Psych Drugs would have you believe. In fact they are even using that “Woo woo” knowledge themselves to control and destroy us. Do criminals do what they say ? The reductionist Science that creates those drugs would say that the research on “has not been proven”. Why do we believe statements, and thoughts such as these ?

The Golden Mean has the answer along with the way to treat and heal that problem using the health regime of the ICFDA as discovered by Ann Blake Tracy that has saved many lives. However, the fundamental effects at the aura level of electricity and waves has not been applied as well to this problem … up till now.

Aura’s ? Electricity ? Golden Mean ? Waves ? “What is he going on about ?” I hear you say. Well you had better throw your preconceptions out, and soon. Where is your humbleness ? Too much ego ? Maybe you have been taught all wrong; we have to start tackling this problem properly this time and soon otherwise violence levels will rise because of the usage of these Psych Drugs. Please wake up !

It is the wielders of these Psych Drugs that possibly carry out one of the biggest cosmic mistakes that you are not supposed to do, ever – and must never, ever, ever do when intending to help or heal someone. What they are trying to do is create another ego like the one they have. This is what they regard as “healthy”; separate, isolated, alone.

I am reminded of when I was canoeing in Cornwall many years ago. I floated over this huge patch of Seaweed and looked down through the water – I was suddenly terrified. Intensely terrified. Of seaweed ? I was embarrassed and always wondered why this was so. Well now I realise it’s because of how we regard ourselves and because of what had already been done to me by a Psych Drug many years before – we are taught this by society and sadly even ferment this belief in our children, sometimes even drugging them when they start acting “weird”. That “weirdness” is really the process of ego breakdown; the cutting away of the ego. Your children are only trying to free themselves because we are taught to regard ourselves as separate – even from our own nature. We are afraid to look at our own bodies, internally and externally because we are made of that same nature – the same nature that the Psych Drugs creators attack with their nasty, but carefully designed, chemicals. They attack that nature even though they are that nature as well. What a bizarre act ! To attack that which you are ? And how frustrating for the individual enslaved to ego or having their ego reactivated or boosted with Psych Drugs; the “separate” ego sets itself up for a lot of frustration because of course it can never be separate, so something always impinges on it’s separate little idea of self in the form of Synchronicity, or “coincidences”, or “voices” and all the other natural phenomena that remain almost totally taboo in the everyday run of societal discourse. Or the person just becomes depressed because they are kept separated.

So there are some fundamental reasons for why the horrific Psych Drugs get used in the first place. The ego problem is fundamental because it creates the virtual abstraction that leads to all sorts of horrors like Psych Drugs. The Gnostics called ithe ego The Eidolon – “perfect copy of the self”, like the word eidetic which means perfect memory – a perfect copy of what you have seen. Eidolon = A perfect copy of the self. The Ego makes, effectively, what is a perfect copy of the self that even tries to protect itself from “destruction”. Of course anyone who has let go of their ego is still there as a personality, but there is a fundamental difference when compared to the person as they were before when enslaved to the ego (ignorance, hatred, pride).

Psych Drugs are also fundamentally a tool of Capitalism as that system is based on keeping people separate, isolated, and alone. Do we think people would buy so much if they knew that they already have access to immortality and a Universe full of priceless riches … for free ? They would not would they ?

Authentic Love and Compassion is a measurable FORCE. It is not some abstract wishy washy idea of “helping people”. The New Physics shows that especially Western society has become especially schizophrenic. Separating Science from Religion and Spirituality. Separating emotion from the material (measurable) world. We have created a huge trap for ourselves where we are left on a hair trigger that immediately calls in the corrupt Psychiatric SS every time we become scared by this problem. It is they who the masters as creating this schizophrenia by using drugs created to study insanity (see the books quoted above) to create insanity; the schizophrenia that separates self from the world … what we call the EGO.


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