Our Governments Worked with the Nazi’s and the Imperial Japanese to Continue Biological and Mind Control Weapon Research


Projects at the Special Operations Division involved or related to the following activities:

• Assassinations materials research (e.g. the materials used in the CIA’s attempts to assassination Lumumba in the Congo and Castro in Cuba)

• Biological warfare materials for use in covert operations

• Biological warfare experiments in populated areas

• Terminal interrogations

Collaboration with former Nazi scientists

• LSD mind-control research

• U.S. employment of biological weapons in the Korean War.

Quoted from the Olsen Family Statement. Frank Olsen was murdered in the 50’s in order to try and cover up the fact that the trusted governments of our own countries condemned the Nazi’s and the Imperial Japanese and then in a massive betrayal bought their human research off them to continue their research on us.

The events in my own life are beginning to make sense. My drugging as a six year old in 1976. The stranger that turned up at my school (out of the blue) to “check” me. I was taken into a side room .. alone with only this strange man there and asked to draw a picture. I was never informed in advance about this meeting. Neither did my parents know about it.

I was left in a state by the drugging for the next 30 years that can only be described as one of their experiments. See the Olsen Family website. Read The Search for the Manchurian Candidate, the CIA and Mind Control by John Marks and also Storming Heaven, LSD and the American Dream by Jay Stevens as well as Prozac: Panacea or Pandora ?

The experiments regularly used the vulnerable – people who would not be missed – for the experiments. This continues today in our “wards” against those who will never be believed; those who have gone through terrible injustices, family breakdowns or confused lives. The real pscyhopaths who, without feeling and conscience, use the same methods that they learnt in their assassination manuals; how to use drugs to distract from the real reason for experimenting on or murdering people. This is the central “piece of shit” (thanks Bill Hicks) that drives the abuse of so called “mental patients”. If they start babbling about being attacked and experimented upon then they can always be slandered with being “crazy” – as they did with Frank Olsen. The CIA fucked up because they revealed a technique that, spectacularly, they still use today in order to test their drugs in the unholy alliance with the Pharmaceutical companies.

This happens in this country as well, we’re just better at avoiding the truth. MI5, Porton Down, the whole crock of shite.

Final agony of RAF volunteer killed by sarin – in Britain

“As the inquest into the death of a ‘human guinea pig’ at Porton Down opens, a witness breaks 50 years’ silence to recount the horrors he saw”

The timing is interesting. This article was published on Sunday 28 September 2003 just when everyone was distracted by the Invasion of Iraq.

“From 1945 more than 3,000 men were sent into the gas chamber; various amounts of liquid nerve gas were dripped by pipette onto their arms. Many believed they were helping to find a cure for the common cold.”

Did anyone watch “V for Vendetta” ?

This is all the direct continuation, by a load remorseless Psychopaths, of the human experimentation that the Nazi’s and the Imperial Japanese carried out. I do not accept their excuses of “protecting” their country (from what ? experimenting on their own citizens?) or the shades of grey argument that it was the fault of the Cold War; THEIR IS ALWAYS AN EXCUSE FROM REMORSELESS PSYCHOPATHS, NONE OF THSI IS ACCEPTABLE EVER … EVER EVER !

So I come in, in 1976. The anomaly is not me being drugged but that it is a direct consequence of the endemic human experimentation (after so many gave their life’s in WW2 ?!?) that has been going onfor decades. I have always been blaming myself up till now. This war on us almost destroyed me. It certainly destroyed my family and I regret that I have to type these words here without informing them first. Sadly we are all estranged from one another, but I won’t start going into personal details here.

However, with an understanding of this history, these FACTS – not theories here folks, and the nuts who continue to suppress this stuff can FUCK OFF. Yes, I’m talking to you … upstanding citizens who feel it is their duty to SHUT ME UP and people like me. You are betraying your own kind ! Please help us and don’t hinder us ! Don’t worry, despite my swearing we have the capacity to forgive and understand, unlike the REMORSELESS PSYCHOPATHS that actually experiment on our children and loved one’s and even make it so we don’t even listen to their cries for help any more.

So now the reason I was attacked in 2003 comes clear. From 1998 to 2003 I was demanding that my drugging in 1976 be addressed. Sadly I was not aware of the history quoted above, if I had been I might have been more careful. But I innocently believed that my country does not allow some of the most horrific acts ever commited to happen on it’s own soil … with government approval. So I had to be shut up like all the other bozos that have a shred of humanity left in them and REFUSE TO BE SHUT UP because they know what they have seen is real. The societal side of this is interesting. My own family automatically assumed that what I was saying MEANT that I had gone insane. This is the achievement of the “intelligence services” (another oxymoron hovers) and the money men that finance their crimes. They created RESISTANCE AS MENTAL ILLNESS. Congratulations guys, you did your job very well. Maybe some Mafia organisation will employ you once we throw you out.

So you tried to make me into another Frank Olsen because I had “moral qualms” about raping and annihilating people. I could easily have ended up as another suicide but something kept me going; maybe so I can be part of revealing all this and honouring the memory of all those without a voice. All those who have “suicide” written on their death certificates who were murdered by an insane regime prepared to attack and destroy it’s own people in the name of “patriotism” or “security”. May all your names and life’s be vindicated.

A post script here folks. Why ? You may ask. Well contrary to the nihilists who mark this kind of thing down to “man’s inhumanity to man” (read: monsters inhumanity to man) there is a reason that all this has been allowed to happen; 500 years of dominator culture. Destroying nature and therefore ourselves … “what we do to the web, we do to ourselves”. Maybe the revelations here and eventual prosecutions and punishments (rather than just more of these ghastly “settlements”) can be a warning to future generations; don’t get separated from your own nature ! You don’t want to catch that disease … schizophrenia (with a small S).

Final agony of RAF volunteer killed by sarin – in Britain


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