SETI: Search for Exis Tential Intelligence

Wait a moment !

Are Mars probe obsessionals looking for themselves on Mars ? This is something the gap year used to be invented for. For lost students to go find the Universe in South America.

Now we get obsessional Scientists pawing over obscure Mars probe experiment results year after year, decade after decade. Anything smacking of the truth is labelled “Creationism” and they go running back to their labs.

Could there be life out there, they say. Are we alone ? This becomes a statement of clueless existential angst. The statement of the blind, even as they are embedded in a huge intelligent entity; The Universe. The ancient wisdom is ignored. Thrown away. No. We have to reinvent what the Ancients toiled to give us. We have to make all the same mistakes in order to end up at the same place after toiling through the horrors of reductionism and meaninglessness.

But there is a ray of sunshine reaching down. To every man woman and child. The SETI signal shouts out loud from our own search. Bleeping madly with joy as it says …

“I’ve found it ! This is real ! the Universe is alive ! Rejoice ! You can find the extraordinary on Earth, or in the Galaxy … now. The birthright of every man woman and child.”

Symbol of what we really are.

Intergalactic diplomacy … becomes first contact with Scientist obsessionals. A strange race inhabiting a planet … called Earth. Headlines screaming “Life discovered on Mars”, or “Extraterrestrial Signal Real” become a pulse of love. A fatal virus cascading through our own consciousness. Leaping from person to person in a fire of realisation. This is real ! REAL ! We are the “Extraterrestrials” we have been looking for. And we will never be the same.



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