NHS Killer Health Bureaucracies: Examined in the Light of Day

Something hideous has been going on here and still is. The Social Capitalists (Communist Capitalists?) are trying to create the NHS in the USA to put the captstone on their nightmare of “Universal Health Care”. Presumably that includes the rest of the Universe as well. Other planets ? Frankly I would not be surprised, so utterly bizarre has this situation become that I actually end up questioning my own sanity. But then I remember my my Mother being allowed to die in her bed by Macmillan Nurses who “look after Cancer patients” …

“Living with Cancer ? We’re here to help.”

( Source )

Presumably that does not include actually saving the lives of Cancer patients so pervasive has this sick lie that Cancer is a death sentence – or even just a guarantee of being pumped full of poisons that are actually known to CAUSE Cancers ( Source A, more Sources).

This is how very very weird and dangerous this situation has become. With Doctors that have become bureaucrats …

“Bureaucratic Illness

My Physician, Dr David Lewis, recently received a 21 page document from Medicare. He will spend hours filling out these pages. He will again copy his credentials and again send them to Medicare bureaucrats. The Medicare bureaucracy has all this information on file. This busywork takes time and energy. It provides no patient care. Many competent physicians are not seeing Medicare or Medicaid patients. Too much wasted time, too little compensation, and too much bureaucratic nonsense are driving out the competent physicians . The bureaucracy grows while American-trained ranks of MDs diminish. Oh yes, the cause of all the paperwork – Dr Lewis moved his office across the hall in the same building and on the same floor.”

( Source )

Unreal ? Then I remember that way my Brother has been treated. A case of drug addiction that was never faced or even simply diagnosed. I can no longer speak to him. He is a different person now after he has been pumped full of proufoundly personality altering Psych Drugs.

Then I remember my Father who has been so traumatised by my Mother’s treatment that he, neither, is the same person that I knew 20 years ago in disturbingly profound ways. He has retreated into an inner sanctum – as many people seem to in the face of this massive and horrific form of genocide – a place where he can neither be reached or reasoned with.

Then I remember my Sister who, although she has come off the best from all this – is in a state if denial that mixes like oil with my personal sense of honor and truth.

To go back to the bureacracts as Doctors forcing out good blood … I witnessed something like this myself. I knew a couple of Dentists in a place called Arnside that I used to live near. They were very good. I’ve never had such a gentle, understanding, and trustworthy dentist along with his beautiful and loving wife. But they eventually had to give up the pratice. The reason ? Too much bureacracy and changing rules.

This is a sick and tragic situation leaving a wake of ruined and traumatised people in it’s path. I’m angry, in fact it’s more like rightous indignation. Remember Bill Hicks ? He talked about the socialist nightmare that we have created over here in the UK. I have him saying it in an interview on Scottish radio. I can console myself with knowledge of sacred Science that actually has an interest in helping people. There is much hope and evidence that this will replace the horror of what we laughingly call “health care” in this country and in the world (see the Rath Foundations Health Care for All by 2020 as well).

But I also worry a lot about the reality of what I see. We have created a society of traumatised people that may seem very nice on the surface. Sports games. Shopping. Walks in the hills. Everyday life. It’s easy to kid oneself that everything is OK. But sensitive people can feel what is really there. A toxic mixture of projection and counter projection. Transference and repressions (I use the Jungian/ Fruedian/Reichain language). We play a game of pass the hot potatoe. I’ve had people actually agressively interrupting me when I try and bring up the issues that I write about here. If one persists in trying to push the point home then the bullying and mobbing starts. There is then a danger of being characterised as having gone crazy and if one does not know how to defend yourself from that, “hospitalisation” in places that are analogs of Solzhenitsyns Gulags. We are using the “mental health system” (yes, another part of that Trillion Dollar Scam mugging) to silence the few who are brave enough not to give in to the pressure to shut up about what they see. They are brave enough to express the trauma from horrific treatment of famlies and friends. These peoplewho are drugged for the rest of their life, or forced into suicides are the true heroes because they refuse to deny reality. On the surface it might seem that issues have been covered up. Silenced behind the closed doors of “lunatic asylums” Gulags. But this is not the case. It is all hanging out folks for all to see ! It only appears to be hidden to those who are walking around in profound emotional and psychological supression.

So, as usual, the approach has to be one of tenacity. Those who continue to state that these issues “don’t exist” either vocally or through non-action are trapped in a central error. They think that because they have repressed all this that “it does not exist”. They mistake their internal state for the state of the world. The world is waking up as it always has to one day. That is a process that is not dependent on the overblown Ego’s of the denialists.


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