“LEARNING THE SCIENCE behind – invoking angelic presence.. (the intelligent plasma of stars..)”

In 2003 I read an article about the Pleiadians (hi out there !). It caused resonance and I found my self in contact with some kind of intelligence that I know now to be the intelligent plasma of stars (above). Thing is, I thought it meant I had gone insane; that societal conditioning ya know. Was that why I ended up being victimised by those who specialise in those kind of problems ? Partly. Part of me thought I had gone insane so that part could never say no to them.

But now ? Yes. This is real. Intelligences do live in stars and the Science is there to prove how this works – Science combined with the Sacred. My Dune trip with the water of life is over. I survived where those who tried before me have died. Frank Herbert really is right about that. So fellow travellers out there. Keep on going. Zion really is just over that hill. The pot of Gold really is at the end of the rainbow. Those myths and legends are there for a reason. So don’t listen to the cynicism. It’s only there from those who have given up on the thing they knew to be real when they were a child. Maybe they will join us someday. But till then …

Continue to party. The illegal frequency has been tracked down and is in the process of being analysed. Please continue to party and we will keep you informed of the situation. Future people, and Ancient people … the party never ended. The beat rippled out into the Universe from all those raves, drugs or no drugs. The Universe heard your call and responds absolutely. Peace !


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