MindFreedom Fails to Address Bullying and Has Links to Scientology

As a former member of MindFreedom I wish it’s members all the best in their endeavour. To seek justice for those who cannot protect themselves is the highest form of empathy. But this only makes it more urgent to address what is a double insult in an organisation that claims to stand up for abuses and has members who have been traumatised many times over.

I don’t want to see MindFreedom done in. Neither do I have an axe to grind. I just jumped at the chance to join a group who could really apply my hard won, practical knowledge. In many ways I am much like Vachss. Hardbitten. The school of hard knocks. No nonsense. Let’s just really do something. REALLY this time.

But as his latest work reminded me, yes, that really was bullying I was receiving from some MindFreedom members. My complaints were not addressed. Instead my ideas and work were ridiculed, worse, even praised incessantly as a way to avoiding the bullying.

I recently received communications from a couple of MindFreedom members that only prove again what is going on.

“I didn’t say that”

“You’re being over sensitive”

Both key points made by the clinical Psychologist in the Heart Transplant video that I blogged about. Emotional bullying goes like this; Both these MindFreedom members would deny they have done anything wrong and that they said or implied anything such as those two excuses. Of course they would deny it. They are part of a culture of bullying that has obviously built up INSIDE MindFreedom that is full of victims that don’t know how to protect themselves. They are not honest about the pain they are being subjected to and where it is coming from. Our culture socialises us to hide that pain, and where do the worst cases of that scenario end up ? Yes, in the “mental health (hell)” system which is, of course, the example par excellence of the wielding of that power and prestige that trumps common sense, and morality.

I was in a terrible place. I was slowly being emotionally bullied in my own town as I tried to publicise MindFreedom issues. I cried out for help and was, perversely, bullied again by some MindFreedom members. That bullying almost completely destroyed me. I could have lost my life ! I was blamed for that as well by the same bully (he knows who he is) who accused me AGAIN of “being unable to find members” as a way to avoid the terrible pain I was in from bullying attacks in my own society AND from MindFreedom. I was being attacked and bullied by my society for daring to identify and stand up for the victims of yet another form of bullying; the institutional “mental health” (mental hell) bullies. They are difficult to get at because they hide behind government systems and medical authority. But bullies in a campaign organisation run by members CAN be weeded out and made into OUTSIDERS.

Do it MindFreedom ! Do it for yourselves. Do it for me. Do it for all the people you are supposed to be campaigning for. Otherwise NONE of this makes ANY sense.

Addenum: The link to Scientology ? A member of Scientology drew me in, via the MindFreedom list,  into a discussion via email. He was trying to recruit me as it turned out. Only an organisation that fails to address issues such as bullying can have anything to do with Scientology. A confirmed money making cult and abuser of it’s own members.

Addenum 2: As you can see on the comments page, I am now receiving comments that just prove my case. One of them attacks me with the most hurtful information possible; that I am somehow supporting pro drug activists by publishing this information (I almost lost my life due to forced drugging). But although I’m really sick of dealing with this now I’m no longer hurt by the accusations. I changed the equation from one of being the victim. Victim <–> Bully to being able to identify the source of pain (to be able to say THIS HURTS !) and valuing myself enough to do something about it. MindFreedom and the wider mental health campaign movement has this victim mentality prevalently worn on it’s sleeve. The culture is endemic with endless horror stories repeated as medals of honour within the culture. But there is little or no understanding of the MEANING of those stories. That’s why I found myself being bullied by people in my own community while I was an MF member. When I identified the source of pain and valued myself – the bullying stopped and now I can see clearly again and am able to actually DO something about the abuses I have seen rather than being paralysed.

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  1. I hope you will post more about this as many of us c/s/x have issues with MindFreedom and would like to learn more. Thank you.

  2. I came to this blog post because the notorious forced drugging lobbyist DJ Jaffe tweeted it, it obviously pleased him, as he hates anyone with a psychiatric label would attempt to counter his brutal campaign to snatch our bodies and rights away from us based on his false belief that he can prove we have brain diseases.

    Your assertion that MindFreedom is any way affiliated with a religion of any kind, be it church of psychiatry or church of scientology, is a falsehood.

    Someone trying to network with who met you on an forum or email list, who is a member of something anyone can join, does not constitute a ‘link to scientology’.

    What you’ve said on this blog post about MindFreedom and scientology is completely wrong, no one in the leadership at MindFreedom is a scientologist, and you can see, the destructive nature of your blog post for the cause of human rights, because one of the world’s most dangerous and most threatening hawks, from the notorious ‘Treatment Advocacy Center’ is now twittering your blog post, I’m sure he’s glad to see MindFreedom being undermined in any way, so that he can continue his quest to enslave us with forced drugging laws.

    The false scientology aspersion is a step too far. It’s just a lie.

    • This is just another example of what is wrong with the debate in this area. You imply that I’ve somehow played into the hands of pro drugging campaigners. You suggest my post is “destructive” when I’ve only just recovered from the very painful experience that MindFreedom put me through. Do you know that they don’t have any security procedures of any kind ? They hold the names of people who are often being hunted by government supported authorities and yet they ignore simple security procedures. For example hunt down the security document out there that shows how the office of the Dalai Lama was infiltrated due to the interception of unencrypted emails. They eventually put in a proper security policy after consultation with security experts. MF has not such policy. Why ? Yet they deal with the names of people who’s lives are in danger, day after day. My cries of being attacked on their lists went unaddressed. This was after two complaints to board members. I was ignored and then treated as a trouble maker. I took the time to follow the proper procedures so as not to, as you say, be destructive towards MF, but when the chips finally fell I found myself in a dangerous position where I was being unsupported in what is a dangerous field to campaign in. You “Psychiatric Survivors” need to wake up and smell the coffee. If you spent less time storming the trenches and the machine guns of the “pro druggers” or whoever, then you might get somewhere. But instead approaches are fraught with outmoded ways of thinking and methods that play right into the hands of “the enemy”. I tried to point this out but I was bullied and ignored because of it. Why ? Because people who have been severely mistreated think that they just have to go ahead and “campaign”. But like many things in this complicated period of history that we live in, it’s not that simple. We have to look at the real reasons why these things happen and act from that standpoint. For example the use of drugs extends across the board (the Drug War) as part of millions of people’s desire to seek happiness in an institutional society that cleverly separates them from themselves and fellow people (see Commonssense Rebellion by Bruce Levine http://books.google.com/books?id=Nh2QknrnlD8C&printsec=frontcover ). If I have to rebel against the likes of MindFreedom as well as other institutions then so be it. They are basically another institutional organism. I eventually found out there was no commonsense there and left. Maybe I should have stayed quiet but after being deeply hurt by the entire experience I decided to warn others. Pro drug campaigners may tweet this post I’m sure, but they’ll use anything to promote their sick ideas. In the end I’m helping if I can stop those who have already been abused from being hurt even more in another institutional organisation.

  3. “You suggest my post is “destructive” when I’ve only just recovered from the very painful experience that MindFreedom put me through.”

    It is destructive to falsely link MindFreedom to scientology. It’s simply not true.

    Your comment in response does not provide any evidence MindFreedom can be fairly said to be linked to scientology, and instead focuses solely on your unhappiness with some recent events.

    I agree with you about the data encryption and security measures on private data. If I was running the joint, I would institute such a policy.

    “MF has not such policy. Why ?”

    Probably money I’d say, and no in house expertise on the matter. I would say that if you ever want to activate your MindFreedom shield, that necessitates you going public with your identity and plight.

    How is it that some commenters on a forum being rude to you constitutes ‘MindFreedom putting you through’ something. Wouldn’t it constitute a couple of members of MindFreedom doing something to you? and not the organization itself?

    I believe in any consenting adult to take whatever drugs they like, heroin, meth, drano, zyprexa.

    I fight coercion and force because I’m not out to change people’s beliefs, I’m out to stop them forcing these mere beliefs into other people’s bodies.

    • You trivialise my experience as some kind of isolated incident. You seem to forget I was an MF member – for a year. I saw what was going. I’m not stupid.

      “Unhappiness with recent events”

      I don’t publish these posts lightly you know. “Unhappiness” was the results of bullying which ALMOST DESTROYED ME… but you and others continue to ignore that because you cannot be HONEST about these events. THAT is why I have the link to Scientology because it is IDENTICAL to the same cult like behaviour that tried to shut up those who might “damage the cause”. That is why people have been damaged by Scientology. Their grievances are never addressed. Ask the young people you see in various Youtube videos why they are protesting outside various Scientology headquarters. Because they still have some COMMONSENSE. There is none in MindFreedom. My mind was quickly FROZEN and I could see the same thing had happened to others. I tried to address those issues through posts and phone calls but I was basically politely stonewalled because dissenters are treated as “damaging to the cause”.

      If a cause cannot address it’s own problems without resorting to such shabby tactics as suggesting that one is “damaging the cause” then it has a problem.

      I call it like I see it. I’m not “forcing beliefs into people” as you seem to suggest. This is the same ad hominen attack that is used to avoid actually looking at what I am saying. Did you view the Vachss videos or even consider ANYTHING I’m really saying about what bullying is ? You classically fall into treating THE BULLYING as MY weakness (“a couple of members”). It takes many more members than that to stand by doing nothing while that kind of thing goes on.

      I’m glad you get the security problem. Maybe MF will fix that one day. I live in hope.

      Yes adults should be able to take what drugs they like … that would quickly end the drug cartels business, but it would not end the Drug War because millions would still be addicted to forces OUTSIDE of themselves. That automatically makes people easy to control. The government approved drugs must be banned. No one should be “free” to take a drug that will pole-axe and eventually kill them. It’s like the assisted suicide argument. Those drugs are either taken under extreme duress or lack of information. If someone is really informed of their killer potential then why are they taking them AT ALL ?

      So you fall into a trap here. MindFreedom “stands for the right to take the psych drugs”. But it has not been thought it through. It’s flawed and really stupid, not to say dangerous. It’s like saying “we support the right of people to commit suicide”. What state are those people in who have the “right” to kill themselves ? They are often being abused or bullied. Or they are irrational, making a mockery of some assumed “freedom” to make these decisions.

      I suggest a sabbatical to allow yourself to really meditate on the real low down insights here.

  4. I’m not into banning anything. People kill themselves with guns and I’m not into banning guns, I’m not into banning zyprexa.

    Your idea of outlawing suicide can only use violence to stop suicide.

    When I said this, “I fight coercion and force because I’m not out to change people’s beliefs, I’m out to stop them forcing these mere beliefs into other people’s bodies.”

    I wasn’t talking to you, I was talking about forced drugging pushers.

    But people should be free to take any drug they like, otherwise their body is not owned by them. You like owning your body don’t you?

    I’m sorry you were apparently bullied.

    :Or they are irrational, making a mockery of some assumed “freedom” to make these decisions:”

    Who are you to say who is irrational? Who is anyone?

    MindFreedom stands for freedom. Freedom to take the drugs, and freedom from being forced to.

  5. I would like to say that Mr Jaffe – and I assume that an ally of his is the “friend” who first posted following his tweet – Mr Jaffe is being very hypocritical because he and his buddy Dr Torrey in the USA seem to continually ridicule and exclude and bully activists who have been through the “mental health” system and come out the other side with different views from theirs. They even try to cut what little funding they have so they don’t even have a voice at all. Not to mention their dogmatic media agenda of claiming to have identified a subgroup of the “most severely mentally ill” who have at some point for some reason committed a violent act and who should never be allowed to come off “antipsychotics” – even though the research (often co-authored by drug companies of course) hasn’t been able to show despite years of effort that the causes of such violence are as black and white as they suggest or that the antipsychotic class of drug actually has the effects on it that they imply. In fact that last one I read concluded that a range of social interventions were required and that subjective satisfaction with the treatment regime was paramount in prevention.

    Even though I’m a MindFreedom member, I would also like to say that I think it is unfair to accuse this post of being “destructive” to the “cause of human rights” – because this post is someone exercising their human right to free speech. The blogger also wishes MindFreedom members well and says he doesn’t want to see the organisation done in. And I happen to know the blogger put in hard effort on behalf of MindFreedom under difficult circumstances, and believes passionately in human rights as well as ideological truth.

  6. I have to say I don’t personally stand for adults’ freedom to take illegal drugs like heroin which is a massive problem of course especially in the most deprived areas, or tranquillisers that are now highly restricted here even on prescription (i recently knew a guy who still had to take handfuls of benzo’s every day ‘cos he’d been hooked on them in his younger days in the ‘mental health’ system back when psychiatrists handed them out like candy).

    Maybe they should be legalised but that’s a whole different ball-game. At least with tobacco now they’ve put more limits here on advertising and packaging and pricing, and are considering doing more of that with alcohol.

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