Sublimate, Transfer, Project – Denial in Full Effect

(People coming in from – – you might be looking for this. )

So my families tragedy goes unmentioned. The gross atrocities of my Brother’s mistreatment and my own goes unmentioned. A Sister without her Brothers. A Father allowed to give free reign to his abusing tendencies. This all has nothing to do with the brutalising, bullying nature of society. It is just down to a death of your Mother by Cancer. So one is left to fend for one’self. The tragedy is marked down as another “Act of God”. God wonders why people keep maligning him with intentions of gross destruction of people and families. What God is this ?

It is our fearsome God. The God that covers up. Silences and eradicates the Truth. He suddenly appears Genie like when anyone is presented with the evidence of the true nature of our society. Homeless, Criminals, Wars. Suddenly he is there … “don’t worry, this has nothing to do with you. You can look away now.”.

This is how Criminals are created. This is why the tramp was ranting “Cunts! Cunts!” in his sleep when I was forced to sleep in a homeless hostel one night. It terrified me why this man would be ranting like this in his sleep. Now I know why. The bullying attacks pile up. From physical beatings to razor sharp twitches of faces that tell you that your’re nothing. Not wanted, because THEY don’t want to know what kind of world THEY have created. So in order to avoid the truth, to keep the DENIAL going THEY have to SUBLIMATE, TRANSFER AND PROJECT their own pains, horrors and wounds that they never identified AS PAIN. They never identified the source of the attacks. THE REAL BULLIES that hurt them. So they have to do anything to eradicate the Truth. That includes making everything into YOUR fault. If you’re angry then it’s YOUR fault and has nothing to do with our messed up sick society. If you’re in so much pain that you’re depressed or even in so much AGONY that you are behaving in a HUMAN WAY THAT IS A RESPONSE TO PAIN the, perversely, what is seen as “bizarre” gets thrown back in your face. No, my friends, what is really bizarre here is the total sick mess that our society is in. The drugs (pharma and street) the wars. The Fascist Psychopaths that are a reflection of our own intransigence; Blair, Bush and the warmongers. They do it IN our name, because war is the ultimate expression of a sick society. It is the SUBLIMATION, TRANSFERENCE AND PROJECTION on a macro, international scale. It is Iraq’s fault, Israel’s, Palestinians, Iran, Sierra Leone.

This must be fought ! We must fight this drift towards blotting out EVERYTHING that has any subjective emotional content. It has become VERBOTEN in society, that much is obvious enough. We spend 90% of our energy keeping up appearances. This sea of pain and resentment pent up underneath. That is dangerous and don’t kid yourself that it could not erupt in real violence as it has done in many countries. I’m talking about Civil War and something far worse than terrorism (think of the former Yogoslavia). Please don’t make me more ashamed of the human race than I already am.

Addendum: I read another excluded chapter of Palden Jenkins new book on his Middle East blog.

“Self-interest, avoidance, unawareness, indifference, denial and narrow beliefs are great evils of our time. It’s tragic. It takes brave individualists to shine a light on them, to lead others in forming a consensus which banishes them to the sidelines. Open-minded tolerance cannot be enforced, but the world sure is a better place when it prevails.”

Evils indeed. I’ve had a number of examples of this over the last 10 years. I have been the subject of exclusion, discrimination, misrepresentation, bullying, maligning of my character. Being ignored. People interrupting me in mid sentence. Saying one thing to my face and another behind my back. Being ostracised, being outcast. No contact from former relatives, friends, lovers. Why ? All because of these ENDEMIC levels of denial. Having the knowledge brilliantly exposed in Bruce Levine’s book Commonsense Rebellion makes one into a pariah. The unwanted. “Uncool”. But it means one can survive, remain sane and keep your Soul where all around you are losing theirs. It allows seeking of true friends who are true to themselves (Sidhi) so they can be true to you. It makes you part of The Rebellion, and The Resistance that is an outbreak of commonsense that is escaping from the Institutional Sickness Web. This is world changing stuff because it is the liberation of the individual FROM THE INSIDE. The ultimate inside job is done by the ultimate inside operatives of the Universe – the only true and profound revolution is totally liberating yourself. There is no “Smashing the State” as the Anarchists might put it. Those “activists” with their childish balaclavas and empty mouthing of slogans are part of the same power structure that they fight. By fighting it they keep it going. There’s nothing more dumb than running around streets with riot police following you everywhere. They do that of course because they don’t see the inner world as real. Everything is always a totally materialist outwardly reductionist world view. Things can only be changed by purely mechanical means that play into the hands of other materialist reductionists. Chakra points or Chi are seen as “yoghurt weaving” a horrible terms that exposes their TOTAL denial of what life is itself. Talk about not taking time to find yourself. Revolutionary free thyself ?


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