Newb World Order

Cosmic Ecology. Welcome to the Party.

So you think your’re the Master Race do you ? Humans control Planet Earth do they ? Oh give me a break. Look at fractality. Look at what Electric Universe Science is uncovering. Earth exists in a greater Cosmic Ecology. It’s so blindingly obvious that this exists that just looking up at the stars is enough to be able to see it. Stars are Electric. Nebulae are electric clouds of plasma arranged in the same fashion that allowed the Earth to be created. Look at maps of our Galaxy and Earth is in the middle of an egg like Nebulae struture. I have no doubt that other planets similar to ours exist in similar structures. Earth is part of a larger Coral Reef Cosmic structure.

We are so sure that we are the pinnacle of Evolution that we push away the obvious. Grays, or other reported Galactic forna and flora exist in some shady hypothesised zone. Is it, or is’nt it ? Oh wake up.

Just as in the microcosmic ecologies, species have to fit in to their ecological niche. Some are predated although that is not the entire focus of their lives as Darwinian Sycophants would have us believe. Nevertheless, as people like Dan Winter have pointed out there is something that needs attending to here. This is by no means confirmed. There is very little evidence for it. I believe investigations must be fact and evidence based, and not the purely mythology and legend based research of people like Sitchin. We must find the truth based on EVIDENCE, not endless New Age and Conspiracy Theory conjecture intended more as an escapist hobby than a real pursuit.

There is the possibility that man, especially this ages NEWBIES – “modern man” – is being predated by beings that tribal Shamans are usually in the habit of sending off with their tail between their legs. But we have fallen into a trap. In our zeal to eradicate everything smacking of Pseudo-science or “mysticism”, or even superstition or Magick we have thrown out our own Galactic security experts. Through the resulting hole has come entire legions of Cosmic entities, beings and life forms simply taking advantage of new feeding grounds; much like those Black Sea Urchins that occasionally besiege Coral Reefs to munch on unsuspecting coral.

This is partly the origin of the Drug War and many other ills of our time. Many of them can be put down to an obsession with reductionism but that is what broke the Holistic circle in the first place allowing to enter what is usually naturally kept at bay.

What am saying here ? This is really just a note to start the ball rolling on various types of research. I can’t wave around some proof to show that we have really been invaded by something. Not to mention that even bringing this up makes me look as crazy as a fruitcake. But, so what if it does ? I’ve seen too much to let this bother me any more. I have too many unanswered questions. What is this obsession with drugs and chemicals ? Why is it purely blamed on human failings ? Why is the cosmic angle never mentioned ? Are we scuppering ourselves by refusing to answer these simple questions ? Have we allowed ourselves to become so totally screened off from any answers to these questions ?

One answer is that so many are simple poisoning themselves which is why these questions never make any sense to them. I recently started drinking glass bottled spring water and in only 36 hours I have noticed a vast improvement in my health and thinking processes. I can remember drinking Lemonade out of a glass bottle in the 70’s and 80’s. As I walked down the soft drinks isle in my supermarket there was not a single glass bottle there. It was all plastic. This is plastic that is made from a very toxic chemical …oil. It even has extra chemicals added to soften the plastic which end up in whatever fluid the bottle is holding. We’re poisoning ourselves … or is something doing it for us ? It seems very convenient to me that this poisoning precludes any understanding of possible origins of this problem. How convenient … not just for Oil Companies. These chemicals are very good at taking out HUMAN RESISTANCE by disrupting reasoning processes. Again, how convenient is that ?

Release the Blood Hounds.


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