Criminal Negligence in the Mental Health (read: Hell) System

Oxygen by E Serrano

Oxygen by E Serrano

So it’s true. Now I’ve had confirmation of this. After being advised by my (long ago fired) “Support Worker” to …

Get out on your bike more often.

I understand why that is SUCH a dangerous suggestion (amongst many other ones). I suspected that getting too much (or even just a little) excercise is actually DAMAGING to someone who has been poisoned with a “Pharmaceutical” (read: Chemical Weapon). This is because the Oxygen processing ability of the body is damaged (Tracy, et al). Not only are there high muscle tension levels in the muscles (especially in the Spine) which make breathing difficult but the Redox Potentional of cellular fluids is altered due to the cellular ecology being polluted with toxic chemicals IDENTICAL to what happens when a river is polluted when Oxygen levels drop in the water.

This means that any strenuous activity quickly goes into Anaerobic respiration because there’s not enough Oxygen. As any athlete knows this can only be kept up for so long. It’s painful and eventually damaging to cells. To someone possibly already in pain it’s also psychologically dangerous.

This is just pure Criminal Negligence on the part of those in the “Mental Health” (read: Hell) system. Apart from the pure ignorance of the very field they work in there is a callous desire to hand out erroneous and dangerous advice. It would be for a court to decide if this was done maliciously but it’s at least negligent because there is already research out there showing that these health dangers are REAL.

I urge anyone who can. Please take these negligent employees to Court. If you are healthy enough then it’s imperative that this is done because there are millions out there who have been poisoned by these disgusting drugs who cannot stand up for themselves because they have acute (and often unrecognised) health damage.

So, the bottom line is this. I KNEW that exercising would be very very dangerous to my health – yet my health worker was recommending that I do exactly that. By the way it’s also known that these drugs cause Heart problems.

There is a way of restoring the Oxygen supplying health of the body.

1. Follow the recovery plan recommended by the ICFDA (order the Pandora book).

2. Remove all chemicals from your life … especially plastics. It you’re drinking anything from a plastic bottle the you are poisoning yourself (plastic should be banned world wide).

3. Drink organic sourced Spring Water in GLASS BOTTLES.

As well as the antioxidants recommended by the ICFDA the healthy (live) water has proper redox (chemical reaction) and cluster size (Oxygen transportation into cells).

Another technology is The Imploder (blog article on the way) that creates the same kind of healthy water that you get from the best springs. I can’t recommend this personally yet as I have yet to buy one, but there is a lot of Scientific measurements and independent confirmation on the Imploder site.

Let’s not all suffocate ourselves OK ? It’s sick. It’s horrible. Why bother ?

Wake up and dream.


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