Fascists and their Obsession with the Family

The Third Reich2, by astoneintheriver

The Third Reich 2, by astoneintheriver

I don’t expect many to understand these kind of blog posts. You’ll have to read The Mass Psychology of Fascism if you want to join in.

I was perusing another account of Lobotomies to convince myself again that the drugs that are supposed to have replaced this barbaric practice are themselves chemical lobotomies. The article, especially the interview with the relative of one of Lobotomy doctors, bears many of the hallmarks of Reich’s observations of Fascist psychology.

“Frequently, people like Howard have a lobotomy and sooner or later they straighten out. Howard’s been self-supporting for a number of years and he’s married, in a very pleasant relationship.” He was bad, so they put an ice pick in his brain…

A sick justification from the son of the “wonderful father” who carried out these horrific acts. The article even attempts to portray the Doctor as “not a bad man”, an absurd twisting of the facts to suit political correct posturings. What’s more interesting is the attempt to sublimate all this evil in marriage as if that makes everything OK. This is exactly what Reich identified in the 30’s. He went around political meetings talking about these observations to people who could understand his commonsense and brilliant psychological analysis of politics. The model family unit is the primary Fascist cell of the state, as identified by Reich. This is where the Fascist psychology and mystification is set up (“mystification”: for example believing that marriage or family will make everything OK).

I’ve seen evidence of this in my own life. I experienced a family “breakdown”, or was it the destruction of the Fascist unit itself ? I say it was, from one family member who vandalised the family home, to me raging against the corrupt authority of my Father (the Führer syndrome as Reich put it). And countless other examples that I’m reluctant to go into here for reasons of privacy.

I see it in my own behaviour as well. Pining for a “happy” family life that can, now, never be recreated. This is the psychology instilled in me as a result of living in this Fascist society. Difficult to believe isn’t it that England’s green and pleasant land is actually Fascist society ? But under the definitions defined by Reich it is. Fascism brings to mind lines of tanks and Zeppelins, but Reich’s crucial point is that we all are compliantly sucked into creating this most hideous of man’s collective phenomena. We con ourselves into blaming it all on Blair or shadowy world “NWO” forces, but we are all to blame because we continue to refuse to look at the tools we have been given to solve this. Commonsesense and God given reason. The observations of Reich built on a lifetime of carefully interacting with people often in the most tumultuous periods of the twentieth century.

So we say “never gain” and no one starts postulating the reasons for the next invasion of Iraq, or some other horror being thought up by the health Fascists to torment our children with. Because the reasons for these events are supposed to be unexplained, or “an act of God” or simply the tragic nature of mankind. It’s time to buckle up and believe in ourselves. I think the world is sick of being told that mankind is innately violent or that war is a part of our make-up. That is a complete misrepresentation of the facts and of the work of people like Reich (who was an associate of Freud and Jung remember).

In his book Reich tells a tale of talking to teenage German youth about their experience of being sent to youth camp. For a start the girls are separated from the boys right at the time of the zenith of attraction between the sexes. This leads to homosexual feelings between the boys that are not necessarily bad in themselves but they are a sign of the redirection of the sexual urge for the woman right at the time when our sexual feelings are at their most strong. Of course homosexuality cannot replace actual sex with a woman which, as Reich points out (Mass Psychology) is then left as an extreme frustration (to say the least). If not solved this leads to the extreme sadism or masochism that we see today (yes today!) expressed in the bizarre acts of violence, domestic abuse, political cruelty and bullying that our society is beset with.

Reich’s point is that young men (and women) are taught to way lay their sexual urges. It is this that leads to a very serious disruption of human behaviour because sexuality is THE most powerful force in the Universe. It is the same as Chi or the electricity/aether expressed by the biological organism. The energy of the Universe it’self (see Electric Universe Science for example). The suppression of these energies IS Fascism.

But try bringing this kind of talk up in polite society. This is the problem and I wonder if this is why some people shy away from the work of the Fractal Field group because they go into Scientific details about these energies. However in the twenties and thirties Reich and others were openly discussing these subjects at public meetings, often to great hilarity judging by some of the accounts in his book, as amusing sexual stories were discussed. Some comedians come to mind like Julian Clary or Bill Hicks with their “extreme” descriptions of sexual situations.

“Tragedies” can be understood like the family breakdown I experienced. There must be numerous other situations out there that people are struggling with that could be helped with these kind of analysis.


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