Inch Worming back to Fractal Golden Mean Biofeedback (after pharma drug damage) and DJ’ing Ability

This is so absurdly simple, but with profound implications.

The Caduceus curve is golden mean (.618) constructed. The curve “implodes” fractally. That is, the wave length and amplitude are reduced by a golden mean ratio each time.

This is simply a fractal recursion algorithm based on golden mean.


Notice the double arrow equal sign – there’s the feedback, biofeedback … “Implosion”. Of course a fractal is fundamentally “Imploded”, we zoom into it and not out. It “Implodes” into itself into the subatomic level and beyond.

The “Non-destructive Charge Compression” simply means the same thing as the this Mandelbrot Set. If you have ever navigated through some fractals you’ll notice that they can quickly come to a dead end as you zoom in. The same with the Mandelbrot Set if you choose the wrong place. However if you choose the correct place to start with, which would be a golden mean location, then the zooming is infinite (Misiurewicz points – Golden Mean ?). This is because, like the waveform curve, or the biofeedback loop based on golden mean, the equation is tuned so that the waves or feedbacks don’t crash into one another. They are carefully laid into one another, like a violin into a snugly fitting carrying box. This is why the golden mean number turns up al over the place because reality is based on this sort of fractal wave “embedding” … read: like tessellation.

This is what is happening all the time and it is what I’m slowly reteaching myself to do after pharma drug damage. The same can be done with children damaged by Ritalin and the technique can be used to repair the original problem that should have been fixed (without drugs): schools that create environments that destroy this golden mean principle. Of course this is also the reason for pharma (and psych as well as street) drug usage and the way to repair the problems.

This principle of golden mean fractal is what we are doing all the time in a sort of adhoc biofeedback. Observe, adjust, observe, adjust. Consciousness feeds back on itself (a bit like video feedback although that would be too strong an effect).

“The Golden Mean spiral is the only shape for waves which allow them to self re-enter (biofeedback IN PRINCIPLE) – withOUT self destruction.” (My emphasis. Source)

Self destruction … indeed. When we are happy and in focus this is what is NOT happening. This is why people given Psych Drugs “commit suicide” … it’s literally the destruction of wave feedback destroying consciousness. This is why those drugs have suicide warnings on the boxes because the chemicals they are made of destroy the golden mean principle and makes waves “crash into one another”. To use a Geek term, technologically “it’s evil” badly designed and inelegant code. Your Geek friends will laugh at you.

So the field and awareness is going out and then back in again in a golden mean based cycle. Polarity therapy specialists see this as the Anu field flowing in and out of the body, although that is the more electrical image of this, rather than the pure principle “going with the flow” that is the feeling of being here and now, in focus, feeling yourself.

This is so absurdly simple that I can see where this all starts going south sometimes. I think this gets seen simply as some form of New Age Mysticism or “poetry” as Dan Winter would put it. But it’s really just like Physicists talking about atoms in matter or Biologists discussing the simple working of a single neuron; another simple principle that repeated a billion times creates the brain. This Golden Mean Physics is much like that. The Fractal based biofeedback is really as infinite as the Mandelbrot Set and is also reflected in the structure of DNA. I won’t go too much into the sometimes disturbingly profound (for some people) nature of DNA and the way, once grasped, this Physics is seen repeated at many levels, micro and macro. That can quickly become overwhelming especially for people bought up in industrialised (machine like) cultures. That would be a shame because the basic principle that I’m trying to recreate in my consciousness is beautifully elegant and absurdly simple to pass on to friend in need.

I’m not quite there yet. Classically I keep losing focus – like the Ritalin children – and find myself back at square one again which can be extremely frustrating. But that does seem to be square one plus a few inches (inch worm?) so give me some encouragement OK ?

A case in point. I’m repairing my DJ’ing and mixing abilities that – classically – requires a biofeedback approach. Listen, adjust, listen, adjust. Take the feeling of the music inside, put out the next adjustment or track. Take the feeling of the music inside again and then readjust – biofeedback. I’m seeing this NOW WORKING after applying the golden mean principles. This is proof that this kind of Physics WORKS and can fix pharma drug damage (and many other problems) alongside the usual vitamin and supplement treatments. So this is not just some New Agey waffle here. There’s been a lot of propaganda put out there against this kind of thing. True scepticism is healthy. No one has to recommend these approaches based on my blog post here. I would not recommend them to do that. It’s better to study this kind of Science yourself and see the actual measurements and practical examples as this is not philosophy; it’s an APPLIED Science.

This blog post is part of the Commenting on the New Physics series.


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