Bisphenol A (plastics chemical) officially declared toxic by Canada

Bisphenol A officially declared toxic by Canada

Go, go, Canada ! Having witnessed a radical change in my health in just 24 to 36 hours after switching to glass bottles I can vouch for the toxicity of this chemical and plastic. Plastic also breaks down in light so if you have bottles lying around they are slowly gassing off toxin’s into your house. This can build up like toxic Radon gas emissions.  In isolation they are minute amounts, but add them in to the barrage of toxins we are all subjected to and you have a problem. Car exhaust, factories, toxic mattresses (flame retardants) and more.

The bastards in the American Chemical Council released their usual murderous statement. You’d think the chemical experts would know all about their chemicals and work to give them a good name and allow their appropriate usage in many industries. But no, they display a terrifying lack of concern. Why ?

An American soldier guards german prisoners captured in the Ruhr Pocket. (National Archives)

Above: Members of the Chemical Lobby (the Oil Drug Cartel) ?

The EU, according to this article, threw out the Science on Bisphenol A toxicity. I’ve yet to check, but I would not be at all surprised if the are riddled with chemical industry lobby groups and lies. I’m afraid we still live in the dark days of WW2 I. G. Farben in many ways. But at least Patton is pushing into the Reich. I predict that the poison pumping death of the Ruhr will be bombed out eventually. A shift has occurred and people are no longer as easily duped into thinking that rat poison pellets are good for them.

What’s behind all this ? Eugenics. This is the death knell of the sick philosophy of Eugenics developed in the last century (well before WW2 by the way). That went from sterilisation, to this … openly poisoning people with toxic plastics, drugs, products, flame retardants, petrol and exhaust fumes, mercury. They’re a load of intergalactic megalomaniacs and the world has had enough of them. Good riddance.


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