The Incoherence of the Mental Health Campaign: I Reveal What is Wrong with the Gameplan

One says “he is incoherent”. The language carries through. Incoherence is caused by the incoherent arrangement of the spectrum of consciousness. This is NOT conjecture but is PROVEN SCIENTIFICALLY by what is measured in the Power Spectra reading of Heart (HRV) or Brain (EEG) frequency readings. The lack of Golden Mean based caduceus and fractal field organisation leads to the disruption and interruption of consciousness. The Psychiatric drugs and the entire culture of “Mental Health” is a MASTER at creating this incoherence. For example TO COMPARE look at the Alliance for Natural Health Care approach to new EU rules for natural health treatments. Theirs in an intelligent, reasoned approach that is likely to WORK and protect valuable Holistic therapies like Auyuveda medicine and nutrition. They intend to WIN and it is highly likely that they will because they are COHERENT; measuring their HRV and EEG would reveal healthy phase conjugated, golden mean fractal frequency.

The Mental Health arena is beset by these poor souls who can no longer see that they have been altered at the most basic level of consciousness. I do sympathise. It’s difficult to see when you can’t think straight ! But as Morpheus says in the Matrix … “stop trying to hit me … and hit me!”. The wonderful thing about the human organism is our propensity to rise above and solve coercive forces that think they have the “perfect” solution to Human Resistance or expression of emotion and trauma.

It’s not only the drugs that cause the disruption of consciousness. With the electrical operation of the body and consciousness disrupted at the most fundamental level this carries through to the operation of the energy body, Aura or electrical system of the body. This means that just being around someone who has had these drugs (or any destructive therapies) can literally turn off your mind due to RESONANCE with the non-coherent frequencies. I am drawing from my own personal observations and sense here. But this is MEASURABLE. Even reading literature written by them is deleterious to consciousness. I know this might sound extremely prejudicial towards anyone who defines them self as a mental health patient or has even been through that system. But the reason I struggle to define these problems is to HELP those people. I mean REALLY help and not con myself into thinking that I am, in order to make myself feel better. It’s not an easy job and I don’t see why I shouldn’t blow my own trumpet here ! However I have identified the central reason why going into anything in “mental health” leads to a shut down of intelligence and clever approaches to campaigning that WIN …. and now, not in thirty or forty years.

Anyone who has their doubts should spend time comparing between various fields and drawing their own conclusions. As well as studying at I think you will come to the same conclusions as I have.


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