The Star Trek Stalker

He could see Gail through the window. He had replaced all outside communications with dummy lines. All her friends had been fed false itinery information for the next few hours. Soon he could face the monster that had destroyed Star Trek.

The obsession had begun when he found out that Gail Berman had taken over Paramount as new studio President in 2005. The pattern was obvious. There had been a string of brilliant productions before 2005 like Sky Captain and Team America. There were some worrying anomalies like Iron Man and Gail’s career successes of getting Buffy and Roswell made. But these could be put down to shady insider agenda’s related to making Vampires “kool” and throwing doubt on the Roswell incident.

He cut the window with the diamond cutter. The alarms had been disabled it was just a case of staying silent … until …

Gail… “Oh my God ! Get out of here you creep! I have an alarm button in my hand bag!”

Oops. Alarm button ? This would have to be quick.

“You destroyed Star Trek you bitch!”.

Gail looked like she’d already decided that I was nutz. I’ll teach her!

“You bring in Abrahams. Abrahams ! He turned Star Trek into Lost in Space !“.

“The Human Race is already in enough trouble as it is ! Star Trek was one of the few hopes they had left. Optimism !”

“You destroyed Vulcan! You’ll PAY !!!”.

Gail: “Ahhhhh ! Someone help me !”.


The door was blown in with a stun charge. Police officers land like sacks of potatoes on me. My life is over, but my mission is complete.

Gail: “Thank God you’re here ! I thought he was violent but he just said all these weird things to me. I don’t think he’s armed ! Treat him fairly OK ? I think he’s just nutz.”

Prologue: As our little scene comes to an end Gail put’s on the TV to calm her self.

Announcer: “The Phoenix mission that was launched five years ago has announced contact with possible life on the Exoplanet Gleise 581c. We will go to what promises to be an extraorindary press conference later in the program.”



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