We Are Keyed Right into the Universe (in honour of Benoît Mandelbrot)

(In honour of Benoît Mandelbrot)

We are keyed right into the Universe. More than that we ARE the Universe. This is what the Buddhists are getting at with their “Co-Creators” observations. From the level of the smallest particle or wave and deeper than that. Right up to the structure of the Galaxy and beyond. We are plugged right in that system or Electric Universe. We put our fingers in the power socket and they were never taken out. It’s too late now !

The Galactic center is arranged in a phase conjugation, geometric form – it will be because it’s based on an Electrical, plasma Universe. The same geometric organisation (or organism) is observed in the DNA, or the Human Body Energy System – the Fractal Field – which is it’self a form of the self-referring “feedback” fractal algorithm. Charge lines are sent out and then go back in again in a cycle like kneading bread. This is basically the same mathematical abstraction that makes the fractal map image. But in practice these micro and macrocosms are not merely “connected” by different levels of the same geometric patterns. There is an intimate involvement here in the process of the Universe itself. A sort of Love affair if you like with all the up’s and downs that entails as well as the benefits.

But something is terrified of looking at life like this. It pains me to even have to say it, but it’s what partially drives the awful events we have seen on this planet. Things are changing for the better thanks to people like Benoît Mandelbrot. But it pays to be aware that they weren’t simply making idle observations or comparisons or making pretty pictures (as nice as those are !). Like many other researchers they are adding their bit to the great sweep of the attempt to restore that which was lost. Simply our participation in the process of the Universe. What could be more normal than that ?

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