Spending Review: Compassion for Reductionist-Materialist Obsessives

Empower yourselfs !

All that “other stuff” doesn’t matter. That is the implied statement of this review. I’ve heard this tune before. It only has one line … “Get a job! Get a job!”, and one melody at a single monotonous pitch.

There’s only one value statement and that is that nothing has any value. The Silver and the Gold are rejected in preference to meaninglessness.

“Take this wisdom as Silver and my knowledge in place of Gold”

While the world goes through some perceived “crisis” Breakthrough Fractal Technology is being applied. The Electric Universe continues to transform our view of Space and Earth. People are discovering what they have not been told about what water really is and are finding out that they are being kept down by being poisoned and toxified by Chlorine in water or additives in food, or just plain bad food with no nutritional content.

I’ve seen these comments by so called left wingers or radicals who claim to be “fighting for the poor” or the working classes. They’re being taken on a trip to Trumpton. Away from what is really empowering.

The political game is seen as a kind of vacuum that happens in a Universe separated from everything else. Because, you see, materialist reductionists won’t tell you that you are a God (in Buddhist co-creator terms). They won’t tell you WHY you are kept at a very low vibration – poisoned – by a thrill kill death cult of mad poisoners who believe that putting Chlorine in water “makes it safe to drink”, or that ten’s of millions of tons of toxic plastics in direct contact with food and drink is not a massive criminal case of mass poisoning.

But they won’t tell you that. They’ll just have you fretting over “reviews” feeling POWERLESS. They won’t give you any power, so guess who has to take it ? That does not involve marches or angry ranting. It entails realising that all those things that you’ve been told are “pseudo-science” is the real Science, while the “Science” that they fund (like the medical research mentioned in the review) is totally toxic and murderous. A betrayal of everything we are as humans and our potential. Selling us out into a toxic sludge of insanity. Oh rebel ! Please rebel ! I know you can do it. If you can’t OR WON’T, then I’ll crawl out the other end of this nightmare and say a prayer for your poor souls. In fact here’s one now.

I beseech the power of this Universe and the Phorce and harmony that is it’s happy song.

Help those poor people who have decided to trap themselves in a lie

They blame powers outside of themselves for their troubles

Help them see that is THEY who have the power and teach them how to use it responsibly



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