The Character Structure of the “Mental Health” System

Corrupt Psychiatry on the couch ?

I have just obtained a copy of Freud source material; The Essentials of Psycho-Analysis. Anna Freuds introduction is enough to confirm my suspicions.

Anna Freud, Vienna, 1895

Psycho-Analysis was never meant as a purely medical pursuit. Lay people can practice it with the proper training. This is much more accepted in Europe. In the USA the Psycho-Analytic organisation there will not admit non-physicians. So there has been a split between this unspeakably valuable contribution to human welfare by Freud et al and the rest of the medical community, depriving us of this vital pursuit.  There has been much propaganda, much of it inevitably to do with Sex. “Sex obsessed Freud”, much like Reich being associated with “Cloud busters” in the absurd character maligning way that it is meant. Freud does have his dark side but so do many great men. So why focus purely on that side of him ? But have some compassion. Much of this behaviour is actually resistance to solving neurotic behaviour by the accuser. We are all neurotic in one way or another ! Why ? Look at the twentieth century and beyond. We have gone right up to the edge of self annihilation – the collective neurosis going into crisis. There is much resistance to seeing oneself as part of this process. It’s always someone else “going psycho”.

The so called “mental health” system is endemic with this sort of neurosis. It has attracted neurotics where, in a complete reversal of the transference of feelings originally identified by Freud (the patient projecting the origins of their neurosis onto the therapist) they have transferred their feelings onto the patient ! Their treatment of poor “mental health patients” says much more about them than any theories of chemical imbalances say about the patient. Their homicidal pursuit of drugging and clubbing is thus a complete, perfect reversal of the entire therapeutic process where patient becomes analyst (if they survive to start doing that) and the therapist becomes the neurotic. This is a great tragedy where the tools we have that can solve so many problems are being ignored.

This also explains the resistance to change of many in the “mental health system” (campaigners included). Their neurosis is a deal between Ego and Id. A compromise to deal with the original causes of neurosis. So they resist change. They want to stay ill because that is part of their character structure dealing with the causes of neurosis.

However, all is not lost. With a real understanding of the real SOURCE material (not the propaganda, rhetoric, or distorted understanding) of Freud, Jung, Bateson, Reich and many others like Winter, real understanding of why the often homicidal “mental health” system continues to resist change can be won. This is where the fight is. This MUST be understood, as running around with placards and making endless U.N. resolutions or treaties will solve NOTHING because the core character structure of the entire thing has not been understood and APPLIED. It is so frustrating to see people running around expressing their aim to initiate change without them understanding these basic points. I EMPLORE them to understand otherwise they are setting themselves up for a nightmare. You have been warned.

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