Vote for Monkeys

Big Chucky




Please help support the monkeys in this Florida rescue sanctuary by voting twice a day for their Pepsi Refresh Project. This work is so important in a human world that has become deeply cynical about the abuse of another kind of monkey: humans. I was once caged like one of these monkeys in an abusive situation. I was treated like a pet. But, like the monkeys, I was not a pet and was never tamed. When I finally bit the hand of my human owner they treated me as a dangerous animal and readied me for euthanasia.

The story may seem like an unusual comparison to make with a few cute monkeys ! But anyone who has been through or recognises abusive situations for what they are will recognise the similarities with the stories of these monkeys. It’s a form of therapy ! Studying the monkey cases reveals truths about human society that we are often unwilling to admit … even when we have been the victims of it !

There is much that “the monks”, as sanctuary Director Kari Bagnall calls them, can do for us. Of course they need our help as well.

Please vote.


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