Gregory Bateson: Who is This Idiot ?

Actually he’s not. That’s why he was once funded by the Rockefeller Foundation as he reveals in his Towards an Ecology of Mind (see his introduction).

This seems to be a trend for me at the moment – reading source material and getting a shock ! Bateson appears to have no political awareness. His “pattern that connects” … which pattern is this exactly ? This pattern makes very few references to any other fields for what is supposed to be a Holistic Science. It appears to be made up of clever over analysis masquerading as some deep insight, a pattern I have seen elsewhere where Schizophrenia is a “sexy” subject to study with plenty of odd subjects to poke around … and lots of funding from Rockefeller and their ilk.

Bateson does have his masterstroke … the Double Bind. But he’s innocent enough, and naive enough, to offer it on a plate to the corrupt homicidal and megalomaniacal bastards of our society. It is so obvious to me what has happened ! The works of Bateson and his associates, like Lilly who experimented on Dolphins with the psychoto-mimetic – toxic – LSD, has been eaten up wholesale by the advertisers and the “philanthropists” (read: misanthropes!) of the Rockefeller’s and all the other ego-maniacal bastards who have financed vaccine development (remember it was sanitation that removed most diseases and now we have a lot of evidence of vaccine damage) and the eradication of mainstream natural health from around 1900 onwards. They also made sure the musical scale we use was changed away from the Solfeggio scale. These are measures that have created a nightmare society – at least for those that can see it (“schizophrenics” ?). The rest of us live in a huge pathology created to maintain the most unnatural system on this planet, ever. They do it by using the research of well meaning – but naive – researchers like Bateson who are disingenuous enough to miss the obvious.

Absent minded professors ?

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