Golden Mean Science as Mode of Political Liberation

This won’t be a piece about how to actually apply Golden Mean Science. You can go to or Fractal Field for that.

A couple of months ago I overheard a couple of lads smoking cannabis outside my back door (I was passing by inside and just caught a snippet). One was angrily declaiming his need to find a job. I recognised the vibes. Falling for the lie, hook line and sinker. The cannabis was there to annul the pain of inauthenticity and the awareness of being taken for a ride, you know it even when you can’t say it. Should I have opened the door and talked to these two ? Something held me back.

Now I realise that they probably would not have heard me. If you haven’t already worked out the game going on here then your mind has probably been hopelessly short-circuited by years of lies. However other parts of the organism can remain untouched.

There is another way. Why does someone wake up one morning and suddenly see through the lies ? Or suddenly follow another way ? Why are some geographical areas radically different in their approaches and have happier more intelligent people ? Why is one ecology sick and another healthy ? What goes into making a healthy ecology ?

One thing is frequency. Energy arranged in particular frequency patterns or harmonics. Another is fractality or what in the East is called Feng Shui. Home is contained in a larger home … the local home. The local home is on the home planet. Home planet is in the home solar system and then Galaxy and onwards. As well as the home having a home for cells … the body. Cells are a home for DNA and in and further in. It’s as simple as that. This is not mystical mumbo jumbo but is an entire measurable Science with many papers and on going research projects.

So working on Sacred Geometry in various modes of action from water treatment to the attitude towards your society is RADICALLY effecting. It also bypasses the problem of informing those who have been taught not to listen. The FIELD or FEELD is around us all. FEELING is the FIELD. What you feel is a change in the electrical field whirling around the body. That field is a fractal (sub-part; self-similiar) element of greater fields. Weather, geographic and planetary. This is the “back door” to REAL RADICAL political activism that informs in such an oblique way (to the modern Western mindset) that it’s often summarily dismissed as esoteric.

As corruption and greed effects some parts of our world it is tempting to resort to assumed tried and tested methods of protest like marches and placard waving. These have their place but I regard that as a trap. Those in power are the one’s who have no power. They are terrified of us because we represent what they rejected. Real personal power that does not have to rely on caves full of Gold or Alcohol to prove it’s might. So why fall for their measly tricks ? They are parasites that exist in broken harmonic systems in the same way that viruses or bacteria get into the body.

Restoring harmony using the Science of the Golden Mean is possibly the ultimate act of political liberation.


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