Systems Thinking in the Public Sector – CHANGE THE SYSTEM !

This is the reason for the cuts, mismanagement of NHS, stupider people because of bad education, billions wasted on reform, AND here is the solution WITHOUT the use of Deliverology.

Deliverology destroys service: Professor John Seddon addresses the faculty of California State University

I found John Seddon, MD of Vanguard and Visiting Professor at Cardiff University, through The National Coalition for Independent Action.

I found their article on Legal Aid after being put through a nightmare by the CAB and Community Legal Aid while seeking the answer to a simple enquiry. The institutional culture identified by Bruce Levine in the USA (another psychologist – Seddon started off as a psychologist) has taken root in many places in this country. I have seen it’s bonkers (as sedden puts it) machinations. From my drugging as a child to the mistreatment of my Mother in the health system. Then onto the crushing of my family in the NHS by a system so mismanaged by “cost cutting reform” that, as Seddon says, often the ultimate cost has been paid – loss of life, while costs ultimately RISE and the service gets WORSE, a cost not worth paying, or even saving for.

We have lost contact with what has value. Value is people with high morale and companies and services that work and do their job well. “Value” is not just money. It is the Mickey Mouse management (Deliverology) that is not just costing the people of this country money, it is costing them their lives ! It is also costing the companies of this country losses that we can ill afford. Much of this institutional nightmare gets blamed on “capitalism” or “ideology”, when it’s simply what Seddon identifies here. Managers and Politicians have become cut-off … disconnected from the front line. Those who really know what is going on don’t get the message, cannot get the message back up the “chain” of command. There should be no chain. Managers, Politicians and the media are working with totally inaccurate information and figures produced by a BAD SYSTEM. The saying “it’s just the system” assumes a perfect “as good as it can get” system. The problem IS “the system” and that system urgently needs changing. So much cynicism has taken over that, as Seddon points out here, managers literally can laugh in your face when you say that their costs can be cut in half. It’s about time that more are brave enough to make the changes – as the company in the video has done. Because, to be honest, I’m sick ... SICK of this institutional nightmare with it’s cuts and it’s cynicism. I’ve seen it ruin my life and the life of my family and friends. We deserve better than this !

Here is only one thing (out of many, many solutions out there) that has proven itself to WORK and is not just more of the same “blah blah blah” that we get from the institutional system.

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