The Content Management System (CMS) is Evil

The CMS is based on PHP. The rise of PHP was bought about by the rise of commercial shopping sites. The CMS and PHP destroy individuality and spontaneity because everything has to be categorised and over organised. Web sites are difficult to set up and exclude casual users. Using a CMS leads to compartmentalised thinking, category errors and machine like consciousness.

The computer and the internet were meant to LIBERATE not TRAP US. Rebel against the tide of PHP and the CMS. It’s an evil force created by commercialism and shopping that wants to turn the entire web into one big shopping center or mall. The lone HTML user will be relegated to the shunned nutter ranting in the corner who “can’t be bothered” to set up a “real” website.

REBEL ! HTML is easy to use and was designed to LIBERATE the user. It is simple in usage from the most basic pure text pages right up to complex acts of creation.

PHP and the CMS have their place; APPROPRIATE TECHNOLOGY. but I see sites with only a handful of articles that use a CMS. How much time is wasted on their setup ? They are difficult to backup as your text gets TRAPPED in SQL (database language), the same language that global corporations use to waste our money and resources.


(the techy might notice that even HTML is being made evil – the style sheet which no one seems to understand and is difficult to use. If you don’t ‘get it’ you’re made to feel stupid. It’s really the HTML designers that have gone stupid because they are making HTML *complicated*. Some HTML elements are already “deprecated” (tagged for removal) but are still usable in most browsers – for the moment at least).


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