Radio Free DNA

It amazes me how carefully shut off some parts of society are to the reality of things. From natural systems and ways of behaving. They are so so completely relegated to the scrap heap of superstition and folk belief. Those parts of society have become very good at removing from our world everything that makes life worth living. The whaledreamers story (see videos on that page) is consigned to a tribal myth even though there is Scientific viewpoint on what makes these things work. DNA is an extremely mysterious entity that has become the exclusive property of those who reduce it to merely combinations of four bases … and that gets seen as “intelligent”.

I recently showed the pages to a friend and they quickly said “I want to distance myself from that site”. Why ? I thought. The way he said it it made it sound like it was a site supporting child abuse ! In another incident a couple actually left the table I was at carefully avoiding my gaze when I happened to mention that emotions are electrically measurable (EEG). “They werent ready” as Dan Winter said to me. But this incident still bugs me.


Don’t we already know that emotions are measurable ? It’s called the lie detector.

Is a peculiar trick being played upon me here ? It seems that one day it’s convenient to mention that “emotions are measurable” – in the context of the lie detector for example. But when I mention this in a different context it is not acceptable ?

Could this be the ultimate taboo ? A Schizophrenia ? We have separated everything into compartments. Religion and superstition on the one side and Science on the other to the point that we’ve created this MENTAL ILLNESS called “modern industrial society”. If someone starts joining the dots and is unlucky enough to be in the wrong company then we label them “mad” in some, I suspect, form of counter projection as the poor soul will quickly start seeing how strange his compatriots are. In fact so called “Schizophrenics” act in exactly this way. They become paranoid of their friends and talk about “alien” things inhabiting their brains. Could the simple truth of the matter be that what they experience is REAL … it is not them who are mad but us.

This would make sense as Gregory Bateson and others found that Schizophrenia is just not there in societies that have not had contact with industrial or post-industrial “modern” societies (I know I called Bateson an “idiot” in a previous blog post but he has his better side). I suspect these conditions are simply profound IMMUNE RESPONSES to a pathological society beset by the very dangerous and the actual “mental illnesses” that are at the root of global pollution, greed and war making. This would mean that it’s no coincidence that drug treatments SUPPRESS IMMUNE RESPONSE – they attack bone marrow and white blood cells. This is why someone on them has to have regular white blood cell tests.

IMMUNE RESPONSE has been correlated with consciousness – it is fundamentally a CONSCIOUS activity. In fact some have theorised that consciousness in human beings and other animals is there PRIMARILY as a form of immune protection that is reflected at all levels – from brain functioning, to energy body and the life of cells.

This would mean that the systems that drug and maim so called “Schizophrenics” and the other “disorders” are fundamentally NEUROTIC, trying to eradicate an IDENTIFIED PATIENT. Us in the “West”, we have to face our own illness and heal it – soon.

Addenum: I found this quote from Dan Winter that brilliantly highlights the catalytic and synergistic interplay of our ideas and research …

“Subject separated from object gets blurry here… In fact we ourselves the painter seemingly enter our own painting here. So why have humans so long imagined thought and awareness to be made of different stuff than matter and energy? It was so childishly convenient not to have to consider our mind and our emotions to be made of the same material as the messy world around us. This kind of physics for a consciousness separate from matter caused a serious schizophrenia in our awareness. It meant we could consider our body’s wave form as something to fight and battle with, as if a kind of foreign matter irritant causing pearls in oysters.”


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