Earth, 21st Century: The Protection Rackets

This is a continuing theme at the moment. I saw this when working for a human rights organisation (health rights). They were always locked into monomaniacal combat with the corrupt part of the health system and various companies. Don’t bother trying to tell them that the Vatican and various institutional and corrupt Religions are the problem …

Giving people access to their full health might give them access to their true selfs – the real nightmare scenario that people like the Pope wake up in the middle of the night worrying about; allowing full access by people to their inner spirituality and God within. Of course health rights don’t often get seen in these terms. Is this because people don’t know that their DNA can be activated to allow the full expressions of 9 toroidal human body energy centres and allow the full expression of the individual … into a paradise now, without the protection racket of a corrupt Church that demands payment for “protection” from hypothesised evils ?  When the evil IS the corrupt Church. This is known as a protection racket – pay us or else.

The same with the corrupt part of the health system – kept that way by The corrupt Church – which creates trouble and then demands payment to protect us from it … a protection racket.

The Electric Universe (EU). Well meaning one’s exclaim against “mainstream” Science that is perceived to block the development of EU theories, but they miss the game. The corrupt Church has more to do with stopping a wide appreciation of EU Science because that would link Space and Earth Science with bodily electric corona discharge (Aura) and might free souls tied up in The corrupt Church into their manifest destinies here on Earth.

The extraordinary potential of human beings might be released throwing off the protection rackets; God forbid, God forbid.

Addendum: The Cancer industry. A protection racket. Pay us to protect you from Cancer … or else ! They block the actual cancer cures, as a city block protection racket would block the removal of criminal gangs.


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