Iron in the Blood: Superconductivity

All that iron in the blood … with the Heart geometrically folding in this superconducting liquid of the blood. Electrochemical. Galvitic.

But seriously. Who’s knows this ? Who really KNOWS this ? Is this the revenge of the stupid people ? Inventors like Royal Rife developed medicine based on the electrical and frequency principles of body biology. But the direction was partially curtailed. At least we still know about him. The medicine still exists in many forms. It could hardly be called dead and is in fact very much alive.

But the toy tinkerers who claim to be Scientists try and bully their way to the top. They are like babies fiddling with car engines. They found that when they stick A in B sometimes C happens. Oh well, more growing up and learning to do yet, eh ?

Vaccinations. The tinker toy fiddlers found that sometimes when dead virus A is injected into person B, sometimes virus E would die. This, for some reason, if called High Science. MAN ! It’s not even PseudoScience ! It’s totally BRAINDAMAGED and inept description of a healthy organism that throws out almost all of the Scientific evidence for the sake of cheap theories postured by people who should know better. They don’t have the sense or self worth to admit there might be more, or to bow out gracefully, so millions die in their name. So pride filled are they of their “Scientific” achievements that they dig a deeper and deeper hole for themselves.

But this is all a massive historical anomaly. For most of mankind’s existence those who would really serve people have pursued deep intelligence and knowledge, as well as Heart and Soul in order to protect and help us. It’s one of the major reasons we are still here ! This peculiar Cult called Reductionism would have us believe that they are the pinnacle of Scientific achievement. They manufacture a world where the further back in time you go then the more primitive we get. This is really a projection onto history of what they really are. We enter the confusing world of neurosis with it’s mirror halls of transference, projection and sublimation. But the Cult likes to portray itself as this huge historical sweep of wonderful achievements, so in love with itself it is. Yet in the background (or is the foreground) thousands, if not millions of people have been getting on with their own thing. Often unthanked and even forgotten, it these people that always give back to the world the massive boons that always eventually save society. What better liturgy could they leave the world ?


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