I, Just Now, Switched off my Mobile for the Last Time

I was always happy without a mobile. In fact I always found them slightly annoying. It turns out that my instincts were correct.

It was in 2003 and 2005 that I had my human rights breached and was forcibly drugged for simply having some easily understood health problems. Before 2003 I was phoneless. After 2003 a “friend” bought me a mobile phone as a gift. I STARTED USING IT IMMEDIATELY WITHOUT QUESTION, even though I had not bought one before 2003. This says A LOT about why people get drugged with disgusting behaviour modifying chemicals and what those drugs do to you: ACCEPT TYRANNY WITHOUT QUESTION. It seems to get done when some people REFUSE to go along with the BORG agenda of making this planet into a big cell tower.

Well I’ve got news for you BORG. This entire Galactic sector is WAKING UP … what are you going to do ? Put cell towers over the entire Universe ? “Hello Sir, this is T-Mobile Galactic” ? This is all ABSURD.

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