Why Some Forms of Emotional and Psychological Abuse are so Very Close to Sexual Abuse

Reich exposed the sadistic and masochistic forms that repressed orgasm takes if not naturally expressed. People understand this already without having to know the Science of Reich (Mass Psychology of Fascism). We say “he fucked me up”, or “I’m going to fuck you” as a statement of the Reichian nature of the act of sadistically abusing someone by someone sexually repressed or misdirected by family and society (mass psychology). In the case of masochistic behaviour due to the same problem we might say … “he really fucked himself up”.



Alternative forms

* (bowdlerizations) f-ck, f**k, the F word, etc.


Almost certainly Germanic. Compare Norwegian fukka, Swedish focka, Dutch fokken. First attested in a poem circa 1500 in a humorous fake-Latin form, fvccant (modern spelling fuccant).
The word does not derive from an acronym of any sort.


to fuck (third-person singular simple present fucks, present participle fucking, simple past and past participle fucked) (transitive and intransitive)

1. (vulgar, colloquial) (often obscene) To have sexual intercourse, to copulate.
* 2007, Lionel Shriver, The post-birthday world

She wanted to fuck him more than she had ever wanted to fuck any man in her life.

2. (vulgar, colloquial) (often obscene) To insert one’s penis, or a dildo or other phallic object, into a specified orifice or cleft.
* 2006, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Glamour Girls: Femme/Femme Erotica

She shoved them up and together, pushing into me, forcing my foot to fuck her tits harder and harder while gasping as if I was shoving it deep into her body…

3. (vulgar, colloquial) To put in an extremely difficult or impossible situation.

If you do that, I’m fucked.
I’m afraid they’re gonna fuck you on this one.

4. (vulgar, colloquial) (usually followed by “up”) To break; to destroy.

You’re going to fuck up that TV!
I fucked up my truck.

* 2001, Colson Whitehead, John Henry Days

Goodman says he wants him to come in tomorrow and Moses is so afraid he’s fucked up his chance again that he says yeah…

5. (vulgar, colloquial) To defraud.

I got fucked at the used car lot.

This is why sexual abuse and emotional/psychological abuse (Vachss) are so closely related. Both have a sexual charge behind them. One is more obviously sexual than the other which is why extreme emotional and psychological abuse can be more confusing. It’s difficult to work out why a simple phrase or behaviour pattern has such a destructive effect until the sexual energy charge behind it is figured in. One can be left feeling “fucked up” after having a simple phrase or behaviour pattern aimed at them, and be left feeling confused about where the awful feelings are coming from. Apart from the cleverness of many narcissistic and psychotic or sociopathic abusers at getting at or intuiting hurtful modes of attack, there is also the Reichian (cosmic) sexual energy charge to consider that is driving the action from behind all the stage acting.


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