Navigating the Beginning Times

As the various behaviours manifest themselves here in Britain we are seeing the display of the Mental Illnesses (neurosis) that Psychiatry and Psychology failed to tackle because it was distracted by it’s shackling to the Materialist Reductionist politics and commercial entities. Maybe someone should tell the various politicians and people that they need to get help for themselves. I’m not into sniping at people going through profound displays of neurotic behaviour.

This is as the Materialist Reductionist systems worst nightmare (or is it a gift to them?) is coming true. As the ancient Maya lineage comes out of the woodwork they are telling us of the energy shift occurring (a cosmic season) in the electrical and plasma (aether) realms that encompasses the Earth, Sun, Galaxy and other local Galaxies. We go beyond the realm of mere prophecy to Science where an raising energy output has been measured in the Solar System and many other Scientific measurements for those who care to look and put the pieces together.

This is having the effect of amplifying all the aspects of human nature that have been deemed heretical or taboo in closeted industrial Materialist Reductionist cultures. Chakra points. Bodily energy systems. Para-psychological phenomena. Forbidden histories. Sacred Evolutionary insights involving the Galactic Ecology (Earth is not an island). Extraordinary nature of DNA and cellular operation (multi-dimensional and electromagnetic, signalling with planetary ecology). Awareness of the Universe expression of the human being and other life forms as an expression of the consciousness and life bearing ability of the Universe at sub-atomic and profound (plasma/aether) physical levels. Rebirth of Physics into expressing and applying fundamental life bearing principles (Golden Mean) that can give clean technologies to Earth; architecture, transportation, communications (safe mobile phones).

I could on, and on, and some. It’s as if a massive dammed up pool of truth and research is being unleashed by these rising (or changing in their nature?) energy levels. But here lies the danger. This can create dangerous internal conflicts when you’ve been taught THAT NONE OF THESE THINGS EXIST and yet they are being waved around in your face. This leads to massive denial and shut down. I wonder if this is what we are seeing with the various behaviours out there at the moment. From Cold War era missile shields. To government ministers going on peculiar cutting sprees. Maybe this would be a good time to stop and take a breath ! After all we’ve had one of the most extreme periods of history on this planet. Look at the last 200 years rising to a shrieking crescendo of the perceived danger of total annihilation. Just when this was solved (to some extent anyway) we had the paranoia of the Millenium with “End Times” proselytisers hawking their wares to a scared and bamboozled populace. Anyone with their ear to the ground would have heard the prophecies and would have maybe checked a bit of the Science as well. As large parts of humanity come crawling into the light the peculiarity of the Materialist Reductionist Cult is coming to light. It starts looking a lot less like a planetary threatening army and more like a very odd historical anomaly that was always self limiting. This is best expressed in it’s ability to shut out and ignore other disciplines and societies, even entire countries. While the “The West”  has been following what it assumed to be “the best” of a perceived linear historical progression into “progress”, the rest of the world has just been getting on with all the rest of extraordinary cosmic existence. Latin America, India, China and the rest of the East. Parts of North America that were never part of the rap of Reductionist Scientism. Even fractal parts of the Reductionist societies themselves. Maybe even a single family member who opted out at an early age only to remain dismayed by the Reductionist Bandwagon and it’s fan clubs. Yes even other intelligent life forms. Whales, animals, nature. Off planet nature and ecologies (yes they are there). Ecologies in other dimensions (plasma/aether), and … again the list could go on and on. So good was the Materialist Reductionist Cult at reducing everything to ONE THING. One mono filament of reality awareness. It can be quite shocking coming back to the senses, but wonderful. Rebirth. Phoenix Rising.

I’m still learning, but at least I know I am. Maybe it’s time to drop the agendas and the anger and kindly point out to fellow humans that something is going on, for real this time.


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