Innocent, Latin in- (“not”) + nocēns, noceō (“to hurt”).



Latin in- (“not”) + nocēns, present participle of noceō (“to hurt”).

Another clue. The use of this word has intrigued me for some years. It seems that I have been correct. It’s use exposes the pain obsessed undercurrents of pathological society which is an expression of the Mental Illness of the abstraction from reality that divides people from themselves and each other (not to mention reality as well of course). Vachss. The bullying. Levine and his Institutional Sickness Web. All are expressions in one way or another of this faux belief in the “intelligence” of hurting others in order to survive. This is apart from true emotional intelligence that might involve harsh words, or even physically striking out in some circumstances. This is actually assertiveness that takes into account the other person without selling out the rights of yourself.

So “in” = “no” …. “nocent” = “hurt”. Not to hurt.

My idea of the true usage of the word (a little bit of a grey area) would be something like someone explaining away a neighbours behaviour as something that it is not, when to a less innocent friend the behaviour might obviously be evidence (for example) of domestic abuse. This is “Free from THE AWARENESS of guilt, sin, or immorality”. Not being party to the fact that bullying, domestic abuse, child sexual abuse and a sadly long list of other abuses (Vachss) is endemic in societies suffering from the Mental Illness of abstraction from reality and self.

However the use of the word appears to have become CO-OPTED by the pathological Mental Illness that is a product of decades of inbred and often hidden (at least on the outside) abuses. This has actually been Scientifically documented by researchers like Bateson who noticed the complete absence of very modern illnesses in tribal communities that had had no contact with industrialised society, and hence no contact with THE Mental Illness (think of the Spanish bringing various plagues into Lain America). Loren Moret and other researchers also have done various research into the arisal of various exotic modern illnesses that simply did not exist before nuclear testing and the nuclear industry, hinting at the way Physics also manifests this Mental Illness in some quarters. But the Mental Illness is very good at going into denial and propagating denial. Hence the misuse of the word innocent … not to describe someone who has simply not learned to partake in the abuses, but, more succinctly, to describe someone “who is not intelligent enough to have dropped childhood idealism and see that this is the way we do things [hurting]“. The “guilt, sin, or immorality” also becomes part of another part of the abstraction (Mental Illness) that is propagated by various corrupt literalist religions like the Christian Church, especially Roman Catholic and ascetic flavours. Note that these religions can be beneficial in some forms; combining with indigenous belief systems comes to mind. But the widely accepted forms of literalism (direct belief in scripture without symbolic interpretation) that are manifest in many strata’s of society in this country (UK) promote suffering and  “guilt, sin, or immorality” as a pious climb towards God; Original Sin … Eddie Izzard comes to mind … “I think I committed an Original Sin ! …. I poked a badger with a spoon!”.

It was watching the film Into the Wild (Sean Penn) that crystallised my thoughts. Penn makes a fine job of escaping from the cynicism of many people towards the intentions of McCandless at the time of his death and by the author of the book. The totally ineffable quality of McCandless search reminded me of Taoist definitions of the Tao … “that which cannot be named”. It’s like they are saying … yes, our ancient Chinese Taoistic Science is very useful, but at the end of the day … we still don’t know what this is ! … I was on such a search myself before 2003 (still am now). Trekking in America, Mexico and Guatemala. I wanted to seek that Alaskan wilderness as well. McCandless was lucky. He made it there. That might sound a funny thing to say considering his tragic end, but truly there are things that are worse than death. I went on such a quest (like McCandless in his magic bus), bizarrely, in my own flat. I made mistakes as well. I almost lost my life a few times as well. At one point I was almost starving like McCandless and my Father stepped in to save me from … what ? I didn’t want to die, but what I was forced into was literally a fate worse than death. In fact a few times I literally thought I was trapped in some Buddhist after world. I was locked up and fed in some assumed attempt to “save my life”. This I can understand if it’s a true (and reasoned) attempt to help someone, but sadly the free food and bed came with a very hasty dose of poison (Psych Drugs) that caused suffering almost beyond belief (you can read about that elsewhere).

I managed to survive somehow in this “nature red in tooth and claw” wilderness of locked wards and zombie like predator “nurses”. A sort of twisted version of the real Alaskan outback right in the middle of our “civilised” societies. I was luckier than McCandless … thousands aren’t. What worries me is the removal of that ineffable (now being restored by natural treatments, Imploder and Golden Mean Science) quality that makes someone THEMSELVE. There is also this disturbing feeling of the accusation that “your days of INNOCENCE are over [from 2003]” (the word in it’s co-opted form). The removal of this ineffable and it’s restoration in me by Golden Mean Science proves to me the truly dis-ensouling nature of Psych Drugs (so called “antidepressants” and “antipsychotics” and other pharma drugs). Of course this gets missed because of the truly INEFFABLE nature of what makes someone THEM as is explored in the film Into the Wild. We can’t define it in terms of someone’s behaviour except only in as much that “something” seems to be missing. It IS definable and FEELABLE in more ancient terms but these have not yet propagated through the Mental Illness suffering industrialised (machined) societies (yet). It is the WARM feeling you get around someone or in a family … THIS IS THE FIELD and is explainable in Scientific terms, although we eventually end up back at the “no name” place that the Taoists point at.

Hmmm … Return to Innocence Lost … The Roots ?

(Thanks to Tami)

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