How Schizophrenics are Cathars and how History is not Linear but a Cyclical Spiral

The treatments if Schizophrenics and the so called “mentally ill” is identical to how the Cathars were treated in Middle Ages France. I was asked the following question when I was illegally abducted by a part of the health system that really has nothing to do with health. I was asked “Do you hear voices?” by a very earnest and worried looking doctor. He got very annoyed when I answered “I hear your voice”. In an instant before that I had realised an important lesson. I realised that he couldn’t “see into my head”. He could only diagnose “voices” if I told him so !

Why “voices” ? Psychism mate. I need to seek original sources (transcripts) from the Middle Ages that cover the persecution of the Cathars, but I bet they are identical to the dialogues that go on today between doctors and their patients. Actually they are much less doctor/patient dialogues. They are more an ideological battle going on between those who know that “voices” are real phenomena that has been understood for thousands of years, and those that see experience of that phenomena as heresy. This was happening in the Middle Ages as well. The corrupt (literalist) Church saw any direct contact with “God” as heretical to scripture teachings. Only the Church and the priests had that power. To openly state “Gnostic” revelations and ideas (Science) as the Cathars did was to invite attacks as an enemy of God and a consort of the Devil for daring to open direct contact with the Ganzfield and all the human potentialities.

So the expression today of mass druggings of people who hear “voices” (or any unusual mental phenomena) is IDENTICAL to what was going on in the Middle Ages. It’s the same ideological fight. A fight for human freedom and the space to express human potential. However I think we have made it a little further this time. It seems identical because the NON-LINEAR spiral of history has simply cork screwed around to the “same place”. But today I believe the process is not as dark as it was in the Middle Ages. We may have the horrific drugging of millions with life destroying drugs. That in itself is totally inexcusable. But the “Reductionist Materialist” world is making the leap into a much greater world. Look at research into the way the body combines sense data. The researchers have thrown out reductionist approaches that separate different sense data and returned to 18th century Gestalt Psychology to pursue research in holistic terms. The same with cosmology that is currently throwing out Nuclear Physics to replace it with Plasma Physics (again more holistic) to explain the workings of stars. In the Middle Ages the destruction (almost complete) of the Cathars and other progressive groups insured the eradication of sane Scientific approaches which eventually gave us the horrors of the Industrial Revolution. Now days that tactic is no longer working (but as I said the criminality of it is inexcusable) and the ideas that the Cathars and others that have survived to this day are now finding a new lease of life and thriving.


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